Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Computer issues! ARGH!!!

My dear sweet blog friends I have been having computer/blogger issues.  As you know with my sweet Derek around and a house to keep clean my computer time is limited.  Now the stupid thing is taking forever to load your pages and I need to keep clicking "stop script" so now I am limited to viewing only 1 or two of my favs at a time.  This of course is making it so that I either miss posts or end up responding a day or two late!  Sorry about that!  

I have been beading but I have no pictures to show you.  I will tell you that the beady goddess was so good to me that when I was working on a necklace (yes another necklace) I happened to need something(and I am not quite sure what it was because I got so totally distracted) and went in the closet and found the perfect combination of beads in my stash!  Yes in my oh so limited seed bead stash was the perfect combination of mustard, cream, blue and smoky gray!  So that is my tease for you!  

Hugs and Blessings

PS I have been meaning to ask you all a question.  Do you prefer an email response to your Oh so Sweet Comments or would you like me to reply on my blog? 


  1. Hi. Hope your puter issues get resolved.
    Regarding comments...I reply personally but many don't. You just get used to what each you read does so I guess its what you prefer. Many times I say things in reply that I don't necessarily want to be on my blog. I have developed several personal relationships with some of my blog friends.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh puter troubles are ICKY!!

  3. Sorry about the computer issues! I'm looking forward to see what you made with that delicious combo of beads!

  4. per comments--I do both depending on whether it is something I want online or if I have a lot to say. Either is fine with me.

  5. Hi well I prefer the comments right on the page! I hope you can get your computer issues sorted. My husbands pretty fed up with ours..weve done everything and its slowish. Time to reformat I guess?! lol.

  6. I feel your pain regarding the PC issues, I'm having such fit with blogger myself and have no clue as what to do about it. Oh, and forget about trying to reach google for help as where ever their help is must be in a different dimension as I can't find any link or way to report my problems.

    The color combo that you're working with sounds very interesting, can't wait to see the finished piece. I've been experimenting with using some of my tiny 3 mm druk beads in a Cellini spiral stitch but haven't come up with a winning combination (regarding the size of the smaller or larger beads to use with the druk beads). I worked one nice combination but after about an inch or so, it felt so stiff I wasn't sure if it would work for a necklace or a bracelet where you need the piece to be somewhat flexible. So it's been bead and take-apart, re-bead and take-apart. Have lost count of how many times now ... think I'm on the 4th length of newly cut nymo, if I keep this up I'll go through the whole bobbin and nothing to show for it. LOL

  7. I HATE computer questions!

    And I like email answers because I read about 100-150 blogs so I sometimes forget to go back and look for the answers!

  8. Sorry about the computer! It's frustrating, no?
    Hey, I want to know...whatever happened to your design that you e-mailed me about a while ago?! ;)

  9. Oh Janet I should just start using DH laptop but I like this computer desk too much!

    Cellini spiral is a stiff stitch but if you can get is it feels like butter on. Surprising I know!

  10. Thanks Kristen for your comment regarding the Cellini stitch. If I work it out I'll let you know.
    I forgot to comment about comments. Personally I enjoy reading the comments that others leave on blogs that I follow and enjoy reading the blogger's response to those comments. Every so often one will get a comment that requires a more personal response but it certainly isn't necessary for each and every comment. But this is only MHO.


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