Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How do you define Bravery?

I have always felt that I live life like walking on train tracks.  You know willing to take some chances to see what beauty lies around each bend.  You know I have been derailed more than once and actually be hit by a train a time or two.  Well the new year started on a shaky note for me like the train was hunting me down.  I will sum this up really quickly like a speedy Amtrak.  A lump was found, and a few days later a mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy and it seems that I have squeaked by with just a little boo boo.  This is where the title comes in.  After the doctor finished she held my hand and said "You were very brave".  OK but how was I brave?  I did what any wife and mother would do to insure that I will be here to love them for a long time.  I did what any woman should do if a lump was found.  What is brave about that?  It was funny as I thought about it.  I think I am braver for putting my creations out there for all to see and take the chance that someone won't like it.  I think I am braver for reminding myself that Shelby needs to spread her wings and find her own paths without my directions and just my support.  Sometimes I even think I am braver for taking on the traffic in a local suburb when Shelby needs shopping time with me.  And hey this post is pretty brave to put my feelings out like this isn't it?

Anyway I have some thanks to say too.  Of course my precious family is always the core of my support but I had a lot of support from you my bloggy friends (whether you know it or not).  I do have a couple of specifics to mention because they just did what I needed them to do. 

First to my soul sister Nicole.  She talked me through the last few days and gathered support and healing to insure that this turned out OK.  Nicole you and I have grown so close and having you in my corner is awesome.  We laughed and you reminded me to stay calm.  Huge Hugs as always Sis!!!!

Dawn this post had me laughing so hard I almost fell off the chair.  I finally figured something out that will work for both of us.  An extra large pillow with a pocketed pillowcase.  Do you think that will work?

Beth this post was such a boost for me.  Can you all believe what she did with my beads?  Check this pic out as well as the gorgeous beauties she created for the ABS Challenge.
I still can't believe those are what I sent her!
And to all my other blog friends just being able to read your postings to keep me from dwelling was a gift I am grateful for!

Well that is it for now......Oh wait I will tell you (lets end this on a funny note shall we)  I did some beading while enjoying the Rose Parade(and gulping sipping mimosa's) on New Years day and finished a bracelet.  I will post my tipsy beading on a later day but I have to say it turned out quite well even though I will have to apologize to the designer of the pattern for what I said about her twisted beady fingers (it was the mimosa's talking really)

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Hugs to you Kristen....it seems you defined bravery by virtue of your post today. Here's to hoping things get on and stay 'on track'. (great post by Dawn too btw!!!)

  2. I am glad that everything turned out well for you. I have been through a similar scenario 3 times, but fortunately all has been well lately.
    Looking forward to seeing your new bracelet!

  3. AAaaahhhhh blush blush... oh hell you know I don't blush... I am just so glad I could help you in any way from so far away. We have become close friends and that is what friends are for. To back each other. I am always here for you
    Hugs back

  4. Kristen, so glad I had you laughing! First of all, HUGE hugs. Rather than defining bravery, I think you exemplify what every mom should strive to be... a strong, outgoing role model to her children. You're a treasure to your family and I'm so, sooooo happy that the end result of your tests turned out well.

    Secondly, your virtual age is now 10 years younger than the calendar (and your birth certificate) says from all that laughing we're doing together! :o) My mission today was a success!

    Always happy to see your new designs and Kristen, you're more talented than you give yourself credit for! You have a gift and you are a gift to the blogging community! We cherish you my dear!

    {Hugs & Love!}

  5. Oh Kristen, What a scary few days for you. I know what you felt having been there myself once. Moms do what they do and go on. You ARE Brave--you are also Goofy! :) Love you!

  6. You're damn right you are brave on all counts.

    Here is my experience. I went for the biopsy. The spot was close to my body. The put me at the mamo machine and guided wire from the bottom and side so they could find the lump when we got to the surgery room. I didn't breathe. Do you know what happens when you don't breathe? O yeah you probably do pass out. What happened to me was my whole body went into the most painful cramp you can imagine. Excruciating. I remember it all very vividly and this has been 10s of years ago. No one told me I was brave. They didn't demean either. I got a boo boo too, thankfully.

    You are totally right, you are brave in all those things you listed. But actually the first step to the mamo machine was the bravest..the rest were resolve.
    xx, Carol

  7. Oh dear, what can I say? I'm here, if you need me. I went through it with my Mom. Hugs and good thoughts to you!

  8. I'm glad you're okay, and I think you're right. Sometimes in life things just must be done whether there is bravery involved or not, you just put your head down and go. Keep goin' girl....

  9. We mums are made of tough stuff! ;-) What others see as bravery, we merely see as necessary. I'm so happy that your scare was nothing more than a little boo boo. Very, very good news, my friend.


  10. You are all the best! Thank you for your heartfelt comments!

  11. Kristen

    I pray that you get good results back from the biopsy. Even though as moms these are the things that we do, you are very brave!



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