Friday, January 7, 2011

New Feature?

With everyone talking about revamping their blog I started thinking "Do I need to start a feature?"  Maybe but all I have other than pairings (which are not as regular due to that crafting ADD thing) well....

Tipsy Beading....Humm no that should NOT be a regular feature in fact I do not think I should ever attempt to read a pattern drinking anything other than coffee!  With that said you know already that I did try this exact scenario on New Years Eve and believe it or not continued on New Years Day!

So let me set the scene......We stay in on NYE as the kids are still here and as I have said before Shelby DOES NOT babysit!  And lets face it, it can be a bit scary on the roads this time of year.  So with that said my sweet hubby and I have a tradition of having this on NYE.

So with a bit of this, Shelley Nybakke's Sparkling Waves pattern from Oct/Nov 2010 Beadwork, some beads and memory wire I had a brilliant idea that I would bead until the ball dropped.  Oh and we decided to watch that Tom Cruise/Cameron Dias movie that I still can't remember the name of.  (It was a good movie with a lot of action)  I know you are probably all laughing at this point as what I was attempting was doomed before I even began!  And here is where I should apologize to Shelley (even though she will probably never read my little blog) about all the things I said about her twisted talented beady fingers.  The pattern is fun and once you get through the initial peyote row of it ( I probably should have had a more flexible needle...ya think?) it goes rather quickly but it did not get finished by the time the ball dropped so we went to bed!

I have to tell you of yet another tradition I have.  Mimosa's during the Rose Parade.....I know what you are thinking but when I start something I need to finish it in the same manner.  (yeah right you know I was just determined at this point.)  Now I am going to introduce you to my "Tipsy Waves"

Yeah I was thinking the same thing......this didn't turn out bad at all...........maybe...........No Way Jose I will not try this again so no it will not be a regular feature for me.   Maybe I will have to come up with something else to keep everyone coming back!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. I do love that bracelet, I've never thought to combine beadweaving with memory wire - I'm a bit afraid of memory wire! Lovely colours too :)

    I don't know how I missed your New Years post, but *jealous* - can I have a bit of your luck please? I do wish I lived in the US sometimes, there never seem to be half as many giveaways for us over in the UK! I think I'm going to do one when I get to 100 posts, which should be soon... :D


  2. I Love Your Mimosa bracelet! Colors are outstanding. LOL! Tipsy Beading-- I will watch for you to change the name of your blog!

  3. It turned out great and I'm pretty sure Shelley would have a pretty good sense of humor about it ;o) I think Tipsy Beading would be a FAB feature and definitely unique. LOL!

  4. Love it! Bring on the mimosa's! I really like the color of the beads and I like that there are waves in the bracelet! I think you are onto something there with a FAB Feature of Tipsy Beading! Have a great day girl!

  5. I guffawed when I read "Tipsy Beading". I LOVE IT! And your bracelet came out quite adorable. I think Tipsy Beading would be a fine feature for your blog. It could be followed by Tipsy Blogging (says the blogger who has a glass of wine Friday nights and sometimes blogs.....)

  6. You never know who might be reading this. Great story and you picked the perfect project to do while drinking. I probably created it under the same circumstances!!! Thanks so much.

  7. Too, too funny! I do like how the bracelet turned out and the colors are great!

  8. SHELLEY!!!!! OMG I can't belive you read this!! LOL I am wondering who told on me but I have to say this one is not the only pattern I have of yours so maybe the feature should titled "Tipsy Beading with Shelley"? What do you think?

    Amy ~ I was wondering what was so special about your friday night posts! LOL

    Laura~ I am sending Luck your way!!!!

    You are all too funny! Shelby says you are all a bad bad influence!

  9. Pass me some of that Orange Dream....I'll be right there with ya on Tipsy Beading Day! LOL ;) Lovely bracelet too!

  10. LOL! All things considered, it turned out beautifully.

  11. I love that bracelet! I'll toast to that!

  12. OMGOsh, I gotta go look up that pattern. YOur bracelet is fab and so is the story!!

  13. Lol, too funny. :D I have enough trouble following directions without being under the influence. I'm sure the lovely bracelet you made would have looked more like my tangled strings of Christmas tree lights if I had attempted it while sipping anything stronger that a cup of hot chocolate.
    Do love the pretty colors you chose for the bracelet, and the freeform wave-like pattern is amazing.


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