Saturday, January 22, 2011

Important warning for all beaders!!! UPDATE!

Update!  If anyone is wondering why I posted this please view this link!

 I know I don't usually post 2 days in a row but this was too important to let it go!

I can not post pictures due to the extreme graphic nature of this epidemic.  I just have to tell you that this could happen to you, and you, and yes it could even happen to you!

Picture the scene.... You are chatting with you bead buddy and oohhing and ahhhing over your latest bead acquisition and then it happens.   You start to notice you buddy begin to glisten.  It starts in the eyes then the teeth and finally her skin begins to show what looks like sweat.  Beware it is not sweat if you take a closer look you will see that crystals are forming and as you look up a mask of crystals has suddenly covered her face.  Her purse has grown to three times it's size and she is frantically looking for her keys.  She will then as for a glass of water.....Don't give it to her she has turned into..........
A Bead Ninja!
She will attempt to abscond with your treasures.  She has also begun to stalk your mail person.  (Attempts have been made to acquire jobs in the Postal Field but have not as of yet been successful.)

If this happens to you first thing you need to do is offer mass quantities of chocolate which will calm them long enough to offer a bead swap.  Usually this offer brings them right back to normal as they attempt to think if there is anything in their stash they would be able to offer up but.............
You have now turned into A Bead Ninja!

It is a horrible vicious cycle that needs to be addressed!

Do you have any other suggestions that may be able to stem off this epidemic?

Hugs and Blessings

PS I told you I would be back when I was able to breathe!  You two are hilarious!


  1. :) that brought a smile to my face - we are all guilty of a bit of bead envy around here! No suggestions but if anyone has any... Let me know!


  2. You are too Funny! Bead Ninja's are everywhere!

  3. hmmmmm I see that now I can not have YOU to my house. Every room is filled with beads. You would over load here!! LOL Naaaa you can come over any time. I have chocolate too.

  4. Way too funny...I'm still laughing...and having a strange urge for chocolate!


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