Friday, January 21, 2011

Wikileaks was after me but......

I didn't spill!  The heard me doing the very sad version of the "Rocky" victory dance and the worst sounding "Oh Yeah Baby they are all Mine" song but I didn't spill.  Whew I did only have to wait a couple of hours so I am gonna show what I won!

You all have to know this it so awesome for me!  This actually increases my seed bead stash by 3 times.  I shouldn't have told my sweet hubby though cuz you all know what he said... "guess you won't need beads for a while huh?"  well we'll see about that baby.  You all know this came from my sweet girlie friend Juls @ Julsbeads and I will tell you I was feeling a little guilty for entering the giveaway because she is such a good friend to me I never want to take advantage of that.   I am so excited though I nearly fell down the stairs while I was rushing to get the house clean in anticipation of these beauties coming.

I also got a fabulous pattern by Sabine Lippert @ Try to Bead and let me tell you this is not only a gorgeous bracelet designed by a very sweet woman the instructions are flawless!  I read through it the first time and understood every step and the step by step pictures are amazing!  I unfortunately ran out of the beads I was using for my first version but with the help of an awesome connection made on FB I found Amy of Beads and Glass .  She had exactly what I needed.  Her shop is not online but you can contact them and they are so awesome to talk to!  This is the pattern I got...

Again I need to tell you that this pattern is well worth the money and Sabine will answer questions for you if you need help.  Patterns with support are awesome although I have not had to use it as I said it is so easy to follow! (for those of you who are wondering though it is not recommended to be tipsy while working on this one!)

I had a few more things I wanted to tell you but they have escaped me. Oh yeah I did want you all to right now go over to visit Erin @ Treasures Found and check out this pendant she created using Earthenwood Studio treasures.  Not only did Melanie create gorgeous components she has asked some of her friends to design pieces using them.  I am so totally in awe of this creation of Erin's it is now my computer background.  If I can not own it I will at least get the chance to look at it every day!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. That is too cool! I am so glad you won that stash of beads! I've seen some of the pieces from the Bundle Of Bling Tutorial--Gorgeous!

  2. Congrats! I am so happy you won the beads! You make such beautiful bracelets, I can't wait to see what you do with these! (Do we ever have enough beads?)"Unfortunately" my husband is the opposite--always encouraging me to buy more beads! There is almost not enough room for me & my stash!

  3. Congats on winning the seed beads... I won't deny I am a wee bit jealous!

    That bracelet looks gorgeous... I might just have to check out the pattern myself. Thanks for sharing!

    Karyn ♥

  4. hmmmm.. i was leaving a comment and then my computer went all bonkers. Let me try this again!

    CONGRATS!!! You are always winning such wonderful things. So super happy for you. Cant' wait to see what you make of them.

    As far as hubby, he obviously hasn't figured out yet that there is no such thing as enough beads.

    (hugs) Congrats again! You deserve good things :)

  5. Congrats AGAIN!!! OMG this is your time for winning. Hope it lasts. Yes Sabine is awesome. A wonderful lady.


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