Friday, February 18, 2011

Apparently Baby does get what she wants!

So I did that Random Number Generator thingy and I would show it to you if I could have figured out how to copy it.  I so hate these computer hooey things.  My sweet hubby installed the new security software and now every time I want to right an e-mail I have to disable it.  It really sucks when I forget and write a note, go to send and then POOF its gone!  Oh back to the winner.........this was the winning comment (number 5) and despite the scare tactics I did not have anything to do with picking it.  (That's why the generator thingy cuz you'd be ascared too!)
BABY WANTS THOSE BEADS AND WHAT BABY WANTS BABY GETS, so don't get between me and my precious. I know where there is a WHOLE DRAWER of butter knives, and I'll cut ya.

Ok so it's technically only service for 8 instead of a whole drawer. Stop paying attention to the wrong part of the story.

Kristen, you are a light and a love and a lifelong friend who I cherish more than you know. YOU brighten OUR days ~ and we are the better for it. Thanks for that.

UH HUH. My Captcha is "GRUITCH"....which is French for CUT-YA! (probably)

See what I mean.  So my sweet Juls you be the winner Baby!!!!!

Hopefully on Monday I will actually have a bracelet to show you!!!

Hugs and Blessings for a Great weekend for all of you!

You are the best of friends a girl could ever wish for


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    sorry 'bout your luck, suckers! :P :P

    loveness, mean it!


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