Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I think my computer hates me!

Either I am so insecure or my computer hates me.  I have been trying to e-mail and either only half of it gets sent or I have to re write it because of the new security software.  And I am not getting responses (which is probably the insecure part of me messing with my head) 
Anyway I wanted to show you what I am working on (actually I have been working on it for a while) but it was giving me fits until I received a little push from Nancy at NEDbeads (who is having the most awesome giveaway of one of her creations (your choice), although I really want one of her bead mixes) and Mikki of The Beaded Carpet  and they are also Bead Mavens.  I think it really needs a beaded toggle and since I have never made one before I was hoping for a different idea.  No they agree with me it needs the toggle. (Darn it now I am quivering)  So I am working on that part of it but I won't be able to show that part of it until we get back from a mini vacation.  So here is what it looks like right now.

I was inspired by a pattern of Dulcey Hellers and the Custom Cool section of Beadwork this month.  I do really really love this one.  I love the rubber grommets and how it all came together.  I have even made a pendant and I might also make earrings.  So that is what I have been up to.  Before I leave you I do want you to take a look at the bracelet Shelby made.  She even made all the Jump rings herself!  I am so proud of her!

Isn't it cute!!!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. That bracelet is gorgeous, KK! Love your use of rubber washers~ you're a beadstar in the making my friend!!

    Shelby did an excellent job on those jumprings...that bracelet is beautiful!

  2. Love that bracelet! These kinds of beadwork looks really complicated and I'm amazed at how pretty they are! Wonderful!

  3. This is the perfect design for those grommets! I love it!

  4. Every time I see those grommets I am amazed by them..Shelby's chain maille work is awesome! Great job!!

  5. whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!! Grommets!! How perfect for this design. Its very Goth! I am thinking of great variations for this design. You must do another with a little red, oh, my mind is spinning. This is really a gorgeous piece.

    Great little chainmaille bracelet! Don't you love it!!
    Happy Day to you
    xx, Carol

  6. Love that bracelet. The grommets are cool but those beaded beads... be still my heart! I'm trying to learn to make beaded beads and mostly feel like my fingers are actually toes when I get going. So far no success but I persist! HA! Beautiful work, Kristen! And Shelby's bracelet is great. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

  7. What a beauty that bracelet is and yes a beaded toggle will be the perfect finishing touch.

  8. Sally~ Thank you so much. Which beaded beads these or the ones Juls won?

    AJ - Thank you so much and it isn't as hard as it looks. :)

    Anna~ I did the toggle and it looks great so I am wearing it on vacation!

    Hugs to everyone!

  9. I love the bracelet! Unfortunately I was not able to see your blog before . Now I use other browser and everything is OK. Thank you for being my friend!

  10. So sorry about your computer troubles :( I've learned to highlight the whole email before I send, right click and copy. That way I don't have to re-type. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE the grommet bracelet.

  11. okay...i had a momentary heart attack..i couldn't find your blog..and i was freaking out wondering what happened to my kristen!!! I guess it was a computer glitch because here you are :)

    Oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bracelet. You are just getting better and better girl! I don't think you realize how talented you are. These pieces look so professional.

    Love ya girl! Hope you are doing fantastic!!


  12. p.s. just called mom into look at your latest bracelet...she gave a "Wow"

  13. This kind of beadwork scares me because it's very beautiful and intricate! So I'm in total awe when someone as talented as yourself takes it to heart and creates incredible works of wearable art! Thank you!

  14. Thats a stunning black bracelet, like to see it when it is finished. You are a wonderful beadworker!

  15. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog for the Bead Soup :) I decided to put those pieces in my shop since I figured I can't keep everything! hope you check it out and sign my guest book!
    http://skyejewels.com :)

  16. I love designs with negative space, I think this one is going to turn out great. Good luck with the toggle experiment!


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