Monday, February 28, 2011

I have a lot to say (isn't that a surprise!)

First I have to say WHAT A PARTY!  I decided to see if I could get a taste of what Lori Anderson does when she puts Bead Soup all together and I didn't even scratch the surface!  I viewed each of the 210 blogs that were listed.  Some didn't post due to things like having a baby (I can't wait to congratulate her!) and being in the hospital, a couple soupers mixes got lost in the mail and Lori with throw them a party later and the small list does go on.  I read each of the posted and commented on each one and there was a whole lot of helpings to enjoy in fact I was a pig!  Not only does Lori try to do this on reveal day but she has visited each of their blogs sometimes 3 times and answered (I have no idea how many) emails of panic.  On top of all the normal everyday things she does.  Honestly I have no idea how she did it.  It was awesome to be a fan and visit without the pressure of contributing so I think I will have to make myself up a t-shirt for this one.

Okay I need to let you all know that this bracelet that I submitted to a magazine was rejected.  I did dread opening the package they sent it back in and I will say my heart went to my feet (oh and when my sweet hubby got home there were more than a few tears but.........

A really treasured friend sent me this and a great group of women on facebook talked me through overcoming this ( I know I am such a don't have to tell me) I actually have the courage to tell you all this and say I may (repeat may) have taken a step further out of my box already but that is for another blog.  So with that said I will show you what you have been waiting for!

But.....Before I do I need to tell you that I have paired this shirt 2 other times and once the bracelet broke and the other disappeared into Shelby's jewelry stash ( I told you she does that) so here are the first two...

But this is the one that is all MINE!!! I have even made a pendant and I am working on the chain for it.  I love love love this one and I need to thank those awesome Bead Mavens, Nancy, Mikki, and Cindy who are always there to offer advice and support! So LOOK! I even made my very first beaded clasp!

I have probably blurred your eyes with all my rambling so I will stop for now.  Again I will thank all of you in my cheezy way that without the friendships I have made with all of you I would not me so willing to learn and GROW without fear.  HUGGSSSSS!

Hugs and Blessings to all of you


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! I love your black beaded bracelet.

  2. Arg. I'm sorry about the magazine/bracelet situation. While there are a million things in life 'that could be worse', my heart ached for you when I read that. (Additionally - they are silly - that is a really pretty and unique bracelet.) I had a similar reaction last year when I didn't place in a contest I entered. I beat myself for being a 'poor sport' but the truth is, it really hurt!!!

  3. It took courage to submit anything for publication. I hope you don't give up and try it again with the next piece you create that you think is worthy, (or try it again with the same piece to a different magazine) and the next, and the next... Keep submitting even after your first piece is selected for publication. You are challenging yourself to grow and that is better and much more important than publication.

    Your clasp turned out well- it is a good fit for the bracelet.

  4. Wow. You made it to all the blogs in the hop! I am only a little over halfway through. I have so many deadlines this week (in my job and in my passion) that I hope I can get through a few more this week! I will keep going until I meet all the beaders and comment on every one! Even if it takes me until Easter!

    Don't let this disappointment get you down. Not everything that I send in gets accepted. If I believe in it enough I might send it elsewhere (just because one place said no, doesn't mean they all will!) or I use it as a learning experience. And I always, ALWAYS, pen an email to thank the editors for the opportunity. Keeps me feeling grateful.

    Enjoy the day, Kristen!

  5. I'm sorry about the magazine, Kristen. It takes a lot of courage to enter something you've made to a magazine or contest. After all it's yours, your creation. So, just having the courage to try is great. Also, many times acceptances are based on the likes or dislikes of the person making the decision, or on the needs of the issue it would appear in. So, keep trying. The bracelet is lovely!

  6. I am drooling over those beautiful bracelets! Don't let one rejection spoil it for you--keep submitting, your time will come!

  7. I am sooo impressed that you made it through all the blogs on the tour! I'm in the tour (I was a participant and I'm still only part way through the list).

    While I know how hard it is to have your work returned, (I once had three rejections arrive on the same day) I am so impressed that you submitted it in the first place. It requires a lot of courage.

    Your t-shirt says it all! Happy beading!

  8. I'm sorry about the news on the magazine but, you just have to keep trying! Your jewelry are all so beautiful and impressive and I'm sure you'll get there!

    I really enjoyed looking at everyone's blogs too but, I'm just halfway through still! I'm trying to decide if i will join the next one...because I'm all the way in asia, so, I don't know if that will work out alright.

  9. What an accomplishment...visiting all of the Bead Soup blogs! I'm still working my way through.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointment. I'm glad you had supportive friends that were there to cheer you up. I think your bracelet is fabulous, myself! I do hope you'll try again...the timing might be just right! :-)

  10. I have no clue how many blogs I've been too! When I started on Saturday morning I tried going off the list... most of the blogs weren't live yet ... so I started going to the blog of the last person who posted a comment on the blog that I had just commented on...

    Love your black bracelet! The one that the magazine rejected (the nerve of some magazines) is hard to see on that grey t-shirt... I just had two images accepted for a new lampworking book... actually I just received the book... One image is great.. the other one is way darker than when I sent it and they totally screwed up the description and techniques! The book...'Creating Glass Beads' pub LARK

  11. You KNOW your bracelet is amazing. That is the most important thing.
    Most pieces are rejected, simply because there is only enough space for their themed issue.
    For instance, if I send out 10 pieces in a month to different publications, usually only 1 is accepted.
    If it is important to you, increase the amount you send in to each publication. This is harder for your type of labor intensive work but start a year ahead - start working today on next years spring pieces in a variety of soft colors that will more likely include the colors of feel of the work they want to feature.

  12. Sorry! The last sentence should have read "include the colors or feel"

  13. Heyy Kristen, keep your chin up my friend, you make some fantastic pieces and I'm sure if you just keep trying to get out there it will happen for you. Hopefully this will put a little smile on your face, I have given you a Stylish Blogger award because I just love your blog and seeing your latest creations and just being involved. Keep it up with the eye candy :)


  14. Kristen with what you make it is ONLY a matter of time bf you do get accepted! Your work is really beautiful! I believe you will definately be accepted so get Happy! huggs xx

  15. Good for you!! Don´t despair.
    I would like to thank you for your kind words, it has really meant a lot, specially as I am having a really tough time.

    Just So you know, I have left a thank you note on my blog, and I would love you to read it if you have time.

    A big hug your way.

  16. Kristen, you have wonderful designs! :-)

    Hey, it took me five rejections from US magazines before I started looking elsewhere. That same piece ended up being published in Bead magazine in the UK. Never give up. Just keep trying and make tutorials from the ones that don't make it. The opinions of your friends are worth more than those of a select few.


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