Thursday, March 31, 2011

Babbling, announcement and pairings...oh my

Okay first I need to tell you all that once again my computer woes have struck.  We gave Shelby a new laptop for Christmas so I had her old one. died.  Yep dead with no recovery in site.  I didn't loose much for me because hey all my pics are here in blog land but I am back to using the persnickety desktop that has a tendency to limit my access or ability to comment on blogs (especially in the Hive if my Hive friends are still here after not hearing from me for so long) also this computer has a habit of not sending e-mails even though I think they have been sent ( I have been e-mailing you Nicole and Lori but I don't think you are getting them)  I am pretty sure that my hubby is thinking of getting me a net book sometime but I know we don't have the cash for that right now.
I have also been busy as Shelby's Senior year is ramping up and we have had 3 field trips with Derek's class this month.  I am on a Parent committee to give the senior class a pre graduation night bash (you know safe, fun and drug free) and now I have to bring back my telemarketing skills to cold call local companies to see if we can get donations.  This will keep me busy while Derek is at school for the next couple of weeks.
Ok so here is my little announcement.  I have signed up for a few PIF's and I do love and look forward to everything but I wanted to change my version up a bit.  I have been so lucky since I joined this blog world of beaders and friends that I want to pass that along to others but I need your help to do so.  I have been thinking of not only creating something handmade for people but also "stashing it forward" to a few others.  I have other craft supplies that I haven't touched since I was bit by the beady bug and I know some crafters that will put these to good use.  What I am asking you to do first is if I contact you for your address that means I want to send you something and I need nothing in return it is because you have welcomed me and befriended me when I needed it most.  Second I am asking you to pay it forward yet again in any way you can.  Send a card to someone, leave an inspiring comment, give a free coffee, send one of your creations to someone you know covets them, give advice on a new technique they are trying.  I have been on the receiving end of all of this and I cherish each one of you for that reason.  You are not obligated to do it but I know you will because you have done it for me.  No sign up necessary and no time limit is put on this, this is the way I wanted to follow through with my part of PIF.  

Ok so you have read this far and I know how busy we all are so here are my pairing pics I promised.

I will tell you more about them another time!

Hugs and Blessings My Friends!


  1. Gorgeous work Kristen..And Nope, I haven't received any emails from you..You know I'd answer if I had. Try messaging through facebook messages..maybe that will work for you until you get up and running again?
    Love the PIF idea!

  2. Hi Kristen! I love those bracelets! Also - I have an Acer netbook and I love it. For my work, I use my pc, but the netbook works great and it's very easy to transport around the house and/or outside the house!

  3. I hope you feel like royalty wearing the beautiful bracelets you make--they are that gorgeous!

  4. Girl, those bracelets are fan-damn-tastic! You rock!
    I hear drop kicking the computer work :) Not that I have ever tried it, thought about it, but I haven't tried it yet. Sorry about all the computer issues, but I feel your pain too.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

  5. Great bracelets! Pretty blings! Sorry about your computer...I'd be lost if my netbook went down...which makes me think I should really back up my stuff somewhere...

  6. Kristen you are such a kind person and its always evident in your writings. If I remember anyone for that its you. The caring you have; your family is blessed! A thoughtful thing to do that to Pay it forward. Your works really top notch! I wish I had your patience as you do for beading.


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