Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embracing me....

I wanted to post this more for myself and Shelby that anything else.  Thanks to all of the support and fun I have had since I began blogging I have come to see a me I like.  When I have started any craft I have always looked for approval from others and based what I have made on that.  It has led to disappointment and self doubt on more than a few occasions.  As I see Shelby coming into her own with artistic expression I see the same in her.  Let me tell you I don't like that one bit!  I want her to explore her art and create what she wants without worry or fear that someone won't like it.  Personal preferences are individual and we all should know that but we also know that when something is created by us using our heart no matter what it can be appreciated.  So this leads me to tell you that I have decided to embrace me.  I have been making my bracelets generally for my benefit but always with the thought in the back of my head I can't make anything that is too out there.   No more I tell you! (actually I am telling me)  I am going to make anything I like and when those doubts come into my head I am going to shut them up.  Yes I will make patterns that are outrageous....Yes I will use colors that make me happy...Yes if I see a way to change it up a bit I will and I will post them without concern!  Okay I said it and now it is out there in the cyber world forever.

This new found confidence comes from all of you.  I look at all the blogs and have said to myself many times "Dang that is awesome, I might not make it but WOW they really nailed it"  So I know that in this safe blog community I can finally be free to make and share my visions.

Hugs and Blessings my sweet friends!



  1. I very much relate to this. What I have come to realize, what I continue to struggle with, is that you always, always, ALWAYS, have to create from a place of joy for yourself. If you aren't happy with what you're making or if you're making for shows or magazines or will always be sorely disappointed. You have to build and cultivate that well of creativity inside you so that it flows and bubbles almost with an effervescence. If you can do that, the other stuff won't matter. Build and do from the inside out....this is a lesson I am continually having to teach myself. <3

  2. Dearest Kristen, the expression of your soul is part of why we love you so much! Everybody has unique tastes and preferences.... thank goodness! What a bore the world would be if it weren't for those differences! When you have an "ah ha" moment with a bead, a design or a color scheme, it's special because it is YOU!

    Keep dreaming, creating and spreading around the Kristen-Goodness! Becuz it just rocks!!! ;)

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Embrace yourself!!! You are also cyber-surrounded by bloggers who think you do beautiful work and support you 100%! And now that you have declared you are going to do your craft from your heart that will show in your work as well!

  4. Good for you, Kristen! I have struggled so many times with putting my "art" out there for all to see--and even with calling it Art. I am getting better about it, too, thanks to all the wonderful blog support!

  5. This post is music to my ears. Do your thang, sistafriend, and know that the truth of it will be welcomed and embraced.

    Much Loveness.

  6. I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff and then accidentally deleted it..i hate that... okay.. the short version of what i wrote.... You have talent, we all know it, glad you are figuring it out!

    I can't wait to see what you make from your heart, as it is going to be AMAZING! I've always thought you were one to watch! Your work is incredible, and once you are creating from the heart..look out!


  7. Hey Kristen, I really like your attitude and your new-found confidence. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Your work is awesome and will only get better now. - Debbie

  8. What a great post, Kristen! Very empowering. I know that your gorgeous Shelby will benefit from reading these words. And I have too! I'm going to follow your lead and start embracing me :-)

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you create with this newfound creative confidence. Bead fearlessly, my friend!


  9. Yay for embracing you! Can I embrace you, too?

  10. You bet your sweet butt we will encourage you!! Be true to yourself, that's all you have to do.
    No matter what the craft, you learn by seeing and trying what others do, but when you take off on your own path...well, that"s when your work reallly gets noticed.

    You go girl!!

  11. First off everything you make is really lovely! I know your feelings and I think many people feel like you do too. But persistence is the Key I believe, plus your really talented! I think what dosent help in selling (not talking about you) is a bad economy. You are one lovely person! xx


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