Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BTW Under the influence....

I am starting to be able to see the end of this cold and that is sooo good!  I am coming out the NyQuil/DayQuil induced hallucinations and now we are at the stage of coughing up a lung or two every 20 minutes or so.  I wanted to post real quick and then finally catch up on the doings in our neighborhood.  First I want to tell you that I was lucky in March to be able to binge during a mostly bead diet year.  There was an Innovative Bead Expo in Syracuse but after calculating the cost of gas admission and lunch I did not see being able to splurge as I would have hoped sooo I convinced my sweet hubby that he would be better off if I just used that amount and did an on line shop.  He agreed but with only one stipulation that I had to get free shipping, had to get the beads I had been talking about, and more than just small bags of seed beads.  (Wait he is tricky I think that is 3 stipulations...Hummm) I should also tell you that I do not shop at a local bead store any more as they do not give me the warm fuzzies. Ok so I was ready to check out a supplier a friend had recommended and stumbled across Bello Modo.  I couldn't believe the stock of seed beady goodness.  Oh I was so excited because I have been searching for a new drop mix to play with and they had a great new supply of farfalle beads I have been so wanting.  Well hey when shopping you have to indulge a bit right?
 I loved shopping there and when I got my package I immediately called to thank them for having not only great pics on the site ( you know that sometimes it doesn't always look like what you thought when you buy online) but everything came packaged so well you almost didn't know there were seed bead goodies in it.  I do have three tubes on back order but I have no problem waiting for them.  Here's the kicker though, when I called she was so surprised that I was calling with a compliment.  I have to tell you I am much more inclined to call someone because I am happy with the product rather than complain.  I know I should let them know when I am disappointed but I never feel good after that so I just don't shop there again. 

Now not to say that I don't still absolutely love my Artbeads and so can't wait for my turn at the blogger challenge oh and they are having a bunch of sales too!  I just needed some stuff they didn't carry so I suggest you check both shops out when you can!

Okay so now here is what is on my tray at the moment but I should tell you that I have had to rip the dragon bangle apart as I said before you should not try to bead a new project when under the influence of cold medicines!  The orange one will be a pattern review as soon as I am able to convince my hubby that it is not my fault I ran out of beads.  (Still working on that one)  And the pretty purple is me doing a project that may be "OUT" there for others but I love it!  

Oh and one more note!  Go visit Lori @ Out of the Flames and congratulate her on the gorgeous grandson that just came into her family!  You gotta see this cutie!

Hugs and Blessings!


  1. O Man!! Bello Modo is my go to place for beads. You can't beat Pam's customer service...ever. She is the absolute BEST.

    You got some cool loot. Like what you are making too. I escpecially like the green bracelet...sorry not the gr**n, but the pattern is really cool!

    Good Shopping!!

  2. Kristen, I like you being you doing the purple thang.... I really like the uniqueness! Showing your inner bead spirit is a special part of the journey!

    Feel better soon! Colds, flu or otherwise are no fun!


  3. Ive had no dealings with buying from Bello Mondo but really should check them out. Im glad youre feeling better! I cant believe the green did you call it a dragon bangle? It is absolutely wonderful!! A person could have so much fun with the way it looks dragon wise lol. Your bead work is so insiring. As for buying beads its never ending isnt it?! I would have a fine wine bank acct if I saved all the money heh.

  4. Sorry you have been sick girl but I am sure glad you are feeling better! Love the goodies you received and I really like the pieces you are working on! You go girl!!!!

  5. Hey Kristen - glad you are feeling better. I love that blue piece. I can't wait to check out Bello Mondo!

  6. Hi Kristen, Love your new stuff. Can't wait to see the finished products! Have you heard about Jet Beads? This is my favorite bead find of the year. They will take orders for Fire Mtn but because they make so many orders, they get the higher price (you know how Fire Mtn has that scale of one price for 1-15 items, a lower price for 15-50, etc.?). Well, I just spent nearly a week putting together an order for delicas (lots & lots of them) and put them in a wish list on Fire Mtn. Then contacted jason at Jet Beads and he took the order from there. I saved a lot of money and actually got the order quicker than I normally would from them. I was thrilled!!! I'm going to go look at your new place now. Have fun and get well!

  7. GEEZ! I meant that Jet Beads gets the LOWER price!! Dumb me. Lack of proofreading.

  8. Just love your seed picks. And I can't wait to see what the purple project turns out to be.

  9. I am a big fan of purple in any shade, so you know I love the last project! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you make with your new bead stash. You are so talented!

  10. Kristen, looks like you have some seriously gorgeous projects going on!! I recently purchased from Bello Modo as well and was very pleased with them. :-)

  11. oooh lots of goodies there...ain't bead shopping the best?! I love the projects that you have going there..especially the last the color!

  12. I love buying my beads online. There's nothing better than the excitement of knowing there'll be an awesome package in the mailbox soon.

    Good luck with your dragon bangle! It looks like a great project - can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  13. I agree Mortira buying beading online is great and I love getting the package as well! I love your designs Kristen!


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