Monday, April 11, 2011

Pattern Review - Kathie Rutledge

It is a balmy 72 degrees in my little corner of the world and a little overcast but I am thrilled that spring has finally made itself known.  The last time it was anywhere near this temp was back in October.  I have now put all my winter clothes in storage so that is that!  

I have decided to give myself my own little feature.  Pattern Reviews.  I do love to work with patterns that spark my interest and funky side and I thought maybe someone out there would be interested in how I felt about them.  Here is the first pattern I have decided to review as I have been wanting to make it for a very long time and now I finally have the courage to step up and make whatever sparks me.

Calypso Fans was published in the April/May issue of Beadwork.  I did try it when I first received the magazine back then but as you all know I need to work with what I have and then I only had 14mm beads and they were just too big.  I do like the boldness of this bracelet and my first color thought was to use purple.  Well as the stash did not have what I needed this pattern just sat for a bit.  About 2 weeks ago I needed to get some magnetic clasps at Michael's and there they were the most beautiful soft purple faceted beads.  Oh were they big enough?  Oh they are 10mm.  Well the pattern calls for 12mm but these are so perfect and I know I have the colors that will just accent them perfectly.  Oh Oh OH that gorgeous necklace from Lori Anderson that I won....Happy Dancing I have the color scheme and a necklace to match.  (Oh Shelby was now at the other side of the store as I think she was a bit embarrassed by my Happy Dance)  So I bring these babies home and gather the rest of the supplies needed, pull out the pattern and Yeah!

Let me tell you that Kathie's pattern is so well written and the diagrams (I so need diagrams) made it so easy to alter the numbers of beads in the fans to make the 10mm's work that by the time I finished my second one I didn't need to read it any more.  I was not confused one bit by any of the instructions (you all know what I read it and go "What" and then have to re read it to make sure you understand) and the flow of how she constructed it is so fun and relaxing.  I have seen a couple more of her projects and I will not hesitate to try them again.  Without further ado I present my Calypso Fans....

Let me also tell you that this is a bold bracelet but even my hubby told me it is pretty and cool.  Way to go Kathie thanks for helping me "Play My Funky Music"  I know we will be creating again.

So what do you all think?  Should I do this again?

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Loved reading this and yes, definitely do it again! :)

  2. OH yes! Reviews are great and its nice to know which ones work out for you and which don't. Thats a gorgeous bracelet!

  3. I think any design that makes you do a Happy Dance is worth doing again! It turned out really pretty and I love the colors you used.

  4. Awesome review girl! The bracelet is perfect with the necklace! I really love the colors in the bracelet too! Need to do the happy dance again :)

  5. Nice review, and the bracelet is beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and if you like it...then I say try a couple more colorways!!

    I think we are on the same track with weather. Saturday was 70 and Sunday was 85. Now we are headed back to normal for this time of the year 60s.
    Have a totally wonderful day.
    xx, Carol

  6. Oh, yes! Keep it up. It's a service we can all use. Thanks for this review. And I love your bracelet!

  7. That is a really gorgeous beacelet!
    You make such wonderous things Kristen.
    I would def use a pattern again.
    Wow its endless the things you can do..but not me!
    I wish I could do what you do but I wouldnt get any beginnings Lampwork done then lol.

  8. Yes do it again! The review was great and it is so helpful to motivate someone like me who is not primarily a jewelry maker! The bracelet is awesome (you probably know by now how much I love purple) and it matches so well with the necklace you won!

  9. Oh I think you should definitely make another, this one is just gorgeous ! I laughed when you wrote about how some instructions can be confusing, I've had many of those directions that made you say; "What?" and have to go reread the paragraph a second or even 3rd time.

    Some people seem to be able to translate how something is done in clear and understandable instructions it sounds like Katie Rutledge is one of those wonderfully blessed instructors.


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