Friday, June 10, 2011

Arianne's Creamsicle - Pattern Review - Mikki Ferrugiaro

This is actually a twofer if you read far enough. Frankly once again I am a bit on the nervous side still on posting reviews.  I have mostly worked with patterns from magazines and with that there hasn't been much to review about.  With the magazines you have small instructional pages so you have to take a few minutes when you stumble to work them out.  I was lucky enough to splurge on this pattern "Arianne Bangle" by Mikki Ferrugiaro. Oh I should mention right now that all of Mikki's patterns are priced so that you can sell them if you wish, giving her credit of course but if you want to make them just for yourself she will adjust the price when you return a signed copy of  a personal use contract that she has created.  Either way this pattern is well worth the price.

I fell in love with this when I saw it posted on Facebook before she created the pattern.  I waited (and know I am a bit on the impatient side right?)  Begged the hubby and then finally got it.  Yippie!  It seemed simple enough but once again being a not so experienced beader with tension issues made it a bit more difficult for me.  I have learned 2 things in the process of making this.  First delicas are totally awesome to work with and feel like butter on the wrist as long as you don't try to pull them through each other.  LOL  Tension is a big deal.  Second that not all 3mm beads are created equal.  I once again attempted to make my stash work for me so I used firepolished 3 mm instead of 3mm crystals and you know what the firepolished are a bit longer.  DUH!  Anyway I forgot there is one other thing. You really should read all the way through a pattern before you freak out and e-mail the designer with a stupid question that is right on the next page.  Thanks Mikki for not bipping me in the back of the head with a big "DUH".  She was so sweet to answer plainly and NOT make me feel like an idiot.  I do just fine on my own with that!   There was only one thing I would change in the instructions.  I think (and remember this is my opinion and I could be wrong) when I make the next one I will add the embellishment round before completing the bands even if it is just the pearls because going through them at the end was to say the least difficult for me.

With all that said you can imagine me working on this and wondering "Why doesn't it look right?"  Hey I just realized another lesson.  Keep going because with all those awesome tips and instructions included the end result is AWESOME.  Now before I show you a picture of my version of "Arianne Bangle" I need you all to remember what I said about tension issues.  I am still working on that so my version is a bit more angular than Mikki's but Shelby wants it badly so I know it is still well made. 

And did you see the necklace?  Course you did because it is in the picture.  (insert collective DUH KK here) Well that was a little freebie that Mikki posted on the Bead Maven blog called Beaded Bead Chain and you know what?  I HAD all the beads with a bit of a switch up. I needed a sweet necklace for a field trip we were going on and this works up FAST and FABULOUS! I love this pairing set! 

So can a beginner do this? 
Yes!  With a little patience and a medium tension.
Oh yeah I also forgot to mention that she gives awesome sizing instructions too!
Can you use what you have on hand?
I would make sure you have the delicas because the feel of this on is amazing.  I did like my firepolished rounds but I am going to use the crystals on my next one.
Are the instructions easy to follow?
Oh yeah and I love her diagrams too!
Should I buy this?
Yes Yes and a resounding Yes!

I hope everyone is still enjoying my reviews because frankly life is getting busy and otherwise you would be hearing the rantings of a crazy woman
Oh Oh OH and guess WHO is having a Destash over at Big Cartel.  My sweet Juls!  Oh yeah and they are stupid cheap prices!  Go go go visit Studio Juls right now!

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  1. I love, love, love this bangle - I made one, too! It's a great pattern. And the necklace you made turns it into a gorgeous set. Well done!

  2. Gorgeous Kristen!!!!! Love the set you created and you make the beading sound so easy.

  3. Love the gorgeous color you chose for the set--really nice job and another great review! Have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVE your reviews! Keep it up! And if I do say so myself - you did a beautiful job with the patterns. Both pieces are so pretty. Colors are so pretty!!!!

  5. Kristen you do the loveliest of beading you really do! I really admire you its takes so much time and patience. I learned the peyote stitch and I loved it but I dont have the patience. You GO Girl!!!

  6. I wish I'd seen this before we talked so I could tell you how GORGEOUS they are! I just love them. You did a great job! Congrats!


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