Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Have to check these giveaways out

A CRAFTY WORLD: My Giveaway Announcement (Watercolor Impressions P...: "This is promised giveaway!!! There's so much to celebrate that I figured it is about that time again to have a giveaway.... First..."
A gorgeous pendent!!

Melinda Orr Metal & Clay Jewelry Designs: DIY Glass Image Art ~ Giveaway!: "DIY Glass Image art ~ Giveaway! Through the summer a big part of our road show is Glass Image Art ~  We are now offering DIY (Do it yourself..."
 A DIY glass kit!   I Wants it!

Go ahead and check I will wait.................................

Did you enter? I love Penny and Melinda's work and once again I am adding it to my temper tantrum stamping feet I WANT wish list.  It is also a blast to read how they get to the finish on her projects. I may have offended them as of late with my silliness so I truly want to make it up to them! 


So yesterday we, and when I say we I am meaning the entire preschool class..of 29.  Yes both the morning and afternoon class went to the Strong National Museum of Play.  This is not your ordinary museum it is literally a museum of play.  You would have thought that we never let our children out to play EVER.  They went nuts!  Nuts in a good way like when we all go to a bead show and get over excited never knowing where to start.  They also have a butterfly conservatory with is small but awesome.  I felt like a little girl watching all the butterfly's flying inches from my head.  It was awesome BUT if you have never visited a butterfly conservatory attached to a museum of play let me give you a couple of tips.  Visit the Butterfly's first especially if it is 93 and humid beyond normal outside.  The butterfly's are kept in a very tropical environment and you will roast and you also have been running around the museum and then have to get on a hot hot hot school bus for a 40 minute ride home and even with ALL the windows open the air is still hot!  You will look much like a melted version of yourself and come home to hopefully a beautifully air conditioned house to melt on your couch for a couple of hours.  So visit the butterfly's first and don't go on a bus if you can help it.  Got it?  I would have some pictures but hey they are on my phone and I have to use a cord to upload them.  Remember not puter savvy? Also by the time I figure it all out I HAVE to Volunteer at school today so then there would be no post and I so couldn't do that to Penny or Melinda.  Remember them at the top of the post?

Hugs and Blessings


  1. LOL- I would say I miss this Field trips from My Boys schools days..But No-- Don't really think I do.Those were exhausting trips. The museum sounds like fun and we have one similar here. Always a good time!

  2. I love Melinda too :) Her work is *awesome*! And that field trip sounds like so much fun....but perhaps more so for the kids ;)

  3. Thanks for putting my link up Kristen! Much appreciated! I enjoy going to museums myslef...sounds like a great field trip!


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