Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Great Giveaways!

I am hooking you up again today with the first of three awesome giveaways.

Mortira over at Inspirational Beading has put together another incredible mix of beads and paired with an abundance of gorgeous seeds you really need to check out!  I had totally missed it until this morning!  I so love her blog and her Bracelet a Week posts!

Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio and Lori at Pretty Things are both having...........

Yep you guessed it an incredible giveaway from their trip to Bead and Button!  You have to check out what they are giving away and yes yes yes WATCH the video!  I loved hearing the voices to these lovely ladies that I have followed it was truly a gift to hear their excitement and exhaustion!  Thank you both for that!!!

Still hectic here but the countdown begins!  
3 days til Derek's Preschool graduation

7 Days til his 6th Birthday


10 Days til my sweet sweet Shelby Graduates from High School!

I am such a proud Mom!  However there are still presents to get.  Decorations to decide on.  Food to order.  House to clean.  And lets not forget Father's Day is Sunday!  Just in case there wasn't enough to throw in the mix!
Hugs and wish me sanity!


  1. Oh my, you do have a number of celebrations to prepare for. But bet they will be a lot of fun and each event will become a priceless memory. :)

    The giveaway sounds spectacular, I'll have to go enter. Thanks for posting about it.

  2. I really wish I could get over to Bead & Button's show... I'm already scheming how I can persuade hubby we need to go to America for the next one!

    It sounds like you're exceptionally busy, I hope it all goes to plan - it will all be done with before you know it! I don't know where the time goes nowadays.

    Big hugs - Laura

  3. Thank you for visiting me new blog and becoming a follower, Kristen! And thank you for letting us know about the giveaways.

    Good luck with all the happenings in your life in the next few days!

    Bead Soup Mix

  4. Hey there, Thanks for sharing the giveaways. And don't sweat everything that is coming up, when it is all over, the stress will be gone replaced with wonderful memories.

  5. hey there girl stop by this link...there's a nice little surprise waiting for you there...

  6. Hang in there and don't forget pictures you can look back on!

  7. Your daughters graduation.a memorable sweet time! I would love to of loved to of gone to the Bead and Button but the airfare, hotel time and spending money wow would of been a whack! Dont worry youll get it all together and it will be a fun whirlwind! I think its time I won a giveaway too lol.

  8. Such an exciting time for your family with those milestones! Enjoy!

  9. Congrats!!! I think June is the month of crazy awesome giveaways!


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