Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is me!

!@#@ #$%%$# %%%^#% ^###^%^&!
Need I say more?

Well there was supposed to be a picture here BUT as par for my current mental state it didn't happen!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Lol-- Okay Casper!! You crack me up!

  2. LOL!!! Yes I have heard a lot of Blogger folks are having upload issues.

    ...and I keep throwing fruit at my issues and they've eaten 16 nectarines, 8 plums, a watermelon and 2 bunches of bananas since sunday! HELP ME!!! hahahaha

  3. I'm having a ton of troubles but I've been loading my photos on PhotoBucket and then copying the HTML into the post and it's working. But what a PITA.

  4. Oh-oh. I'm sorry. Better luck next time, Kristen. You just have too much going on, I think! Hugs...

  5. Oh, I thought you got Rosetta Stone and were learning a new language! Keep smiling my friend!

  6. Wonder if this gremlin is also affecting YouTube video downloads? Tried to embed a video of the Flying Wallendas yesterday and it just refused to do it. Patty, I never thought about throwing fruit at it, how many tomatoes do you think it would take.


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