Sunday, July 31, 2011

Giveaway beyond sanity!

Okay so you all know how much I love Juls right? Well there are 2 very awesome reasons why this is true. Not only has she given me the gift of a friendship beyond compair with support, trust and a sisterhood that I have looked for for a long time but her beads...WOW!
Seed beaders and stringers alike who have been lucky and smart enough to get their hands on these know what I am about to tell you. Her beads are like butter! When you feel them for the first time I can guarantee you will know this and kick yourself for not ever having gotten them before. Now go immediately to this link and read the post and start shopping!!!!

Julsbeads: Seriously. Who reads this stuff?: "You know that nagging feeling you get for absolutely no reason and the harder you try to ignore it the more persistent it becomes? I'm not ..."


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