Monday, July 18, 2011

My beady brain went on overdrive

Oh I so need some help here.  This was a very busy weekend and I needed a quick traveling piece to work on while the boys were fishing.  They didn't catch me any perch but I love the project I chose.  I have been working on another piece but I needed more beads.  I really need to get better at buying the proper quantities and quality that I need!  Anyway I had these beads in my stash just because I loved them and then this pattern showed up in the latest Bead and Button.  "Daring Daggers" by Marcia Rose.  It works up so quick and easy but as with me once again I did not have enough daggers to go all the way around.  But I think that is okay because I would not want to have the possibility of breaking the daggers on the underside so I just finish the edge pieces with the 8/0's.  As I was completing it I liked the simple blend of colors and thought I would like to make a necklace to match it.  Well the other day Shirley over at Beads and Bread made a sweet little daisy chain bracelet and well she told me it was fun.  I haven't attempted daisy chain well to be totally honest I thought it was too simple.  DUH!  Sometimes simple can be fun and well it got me to thinkin.  So here is what I need help with......

I love the bracelet but I am wondering if I should do a sweet little picot edge in pink to draw that color out a bit.

The pendent is so unique because the bezel started with daisy chain and I just sort of played from there.  Oh the glass piece yeah it is a candle pebble but the color matched perfectly.  

So I intend to make a daisy chain for the strap but should I make a couple more bezels (without daggers) for balance or just keep it simple.  And oh yeah do they match?

I will be reviewing an absolutely stunning pattern at the end of the week as I was able to pick up the needed beads (I think)

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Oh so cute!!! I love the single flower but don't know anything about bead work - could it be used as a clasp? This has a very "shabby chich "look to it.I like the sound of the edge too! : )

  2. thats funny about the candle pebble, i've looked at those a few times myself and thought..hey that would I love the bracelet as is, but i think if you want it more pink that a pink edge would be really pretty too.

  3. I agree w/ Liss. If you want the bracelet to be more pink-ish, the added picot or something would be perfect to draw that out. I really love both of these!

  4. I love the flower too! It is on my list of things to learn :) I would love the little pink on the bracelet.

  5. Kristen I'm digging the dagger pendant. I like the way you finished it. I think it's a true sign of an artist when you make something your own.

    I think a soft picot edging would really look nice on the bracelet. It would enhance the pink tones, but also soften the look and give it a more romantic feel!

    Great pieces both of them dear!

  6. Hey Kristen, I really like the bracelet as it is, but I agree a picot edge would soften it up a bit. I just love your pendant. You are getting very creative in your beading. I like the idea of having two smaller bezzels for balance in the necklace. Can't wait to see the finished piec.


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