Monday, July 25, 2011

This is the post where I tell you why no beading was completed and I am totally skeezed out!!!!

So picture this
I take Derek to Summer Rec, My sweet hubby comes home from his half day of work to take Shelby to pay tuition and get her ID for college.  I pick Derek up from Summer Rec and we go to our neighbors for a quick swim before lunch.  Come home have lunch, Shelby and Daddy come home and we decided to check out local garage sales looking for a dresser for Derek.  A good day right?

WELL it all went south sort of,

Home from garage sale hunting not finding a dresser (oh well no biggie ) and I get the basket of laundry to fold when I notice that it is all wet underneath.  Clothes are dry, humm  look at the floor and follow the water to....the furnace!  Okay the furnace peed all over my floor it's Friday afternoon is our guy going to be able to come?  Yes!  A few adjustments and sealing to the unit and all should be fine.  Right?

Wrong!  The furnace is fine but the carbon monoxide detector has now decided to freak out during our very late dinner. Really my family swears that they will all blow up if they do not have dinner before 7pm and it is now 7:30 and I am not cleaning up guts and brain matter so I think they exaggerate just a bit.  Anyway after a bit of searching and checking things around the house it seems that it was just letting us know in it's own freaky way that the battery was dead.  There now all is well Right?


I am out side watering the garden and tree because we still haven't had any rain to speak of and Shelby goes into the pantry for a snack..............Apparently on Thursday during the record breaking heat a sweltering 98 degrees with a furnace hot 20mph wind it was too hot for everyone because the ants found their way into my house!!!  YES ANTS and HUNDREDS of the little tiny bastards!  Now those of you who have been reading my blog know that I have a bit of OCD when it comes to the house and friends that visit always ask the same question "Where is your clutter?"  I tell them I can't have clutter because it freaks me out.  So you can totally tell at this point I am TOTALLY SKEEZED OUT BEYOND REASON!  I was so ready to bomb the kitchen.  But with my sweet hubby keeping me focused we went through the whole cupboard removing everything and checking every box.  Yes alot was tossed for sure and after a through cleaning of all the packages left and piling it all on the kitchen table I proceeded to wash the dishes when he said "Should we check the other cupboard?"  


Yep there too!  More cleaning and by the time 11:00pm rolled around I was finally able to mop the floor.

Then of course I feel as if they are all crawling on me so to the shower to cleanse!!!

I almost took a picture of my cupboard this morning to show you but I figure I will just let you use your imagination when I tell you it is now totally "Rubbermaid".

So there is my explaination of why I have not been around the last few days and that there are so many blogs I need to catch up on and a really stunning bracelet I need to review for all of you, plus I promised Amy @ Amybeads to participate in "What's it to Hue" I have no idea when I will be catching up with all of you.  I hope you all know that if I do follow you that you are very important to me and if I miss a post I will try to get to them sometime. 

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Gah! Blessings right back to you Miss Kristen. That is just a wicked bad set of circumstances. I hate it when they all gang up on you at once. Hang in there. You will get back on track in no time.
    Enjoy the day! Find your 'something good' in all of this. ;-)

  2. Oh Kristen, bless your heart! I shouldn't be, but I am giggling a little bit. Hate it when the odds stack up against you, but hopefully that means there's a super good day coming to balance it all out!


  3. Trying times for sure! Every Spring we get a "handful"--well I usually don't pick them up, but what I mean to say is not too many--big black ants in our kitchen. I found putting everything in ziploc bags definitely helped!

  4. I should have known! Not hearing from you in a while had me a bit nervous. I was thinking about you a lot yesterday. I'm sorry all this crap fell on you all at once. We'll talk...Hugs to you!

  5. Aack! We had tiny black ants invade our kitchen when we livedvin the Midwest. It was horrible because there were soooo many of them, and I could have sworn I felt them crawling on me for days after we cleaned them up.

    Best wishes for a better day!

  6. Oh that is a whole lotta to deal with !!! I would of been prolly alot feeling like you Kristen! Oh I hope you will have the next few days, weeks calm and things back to normal. You made me laugh..sorry lol.

  7. Wow, what a day! And why does these things always seem to happen on a weekend? LoL :)

    Bead Soup Mix

  8. OMG! We have ant issues here too...the liquid baits seem to do the trick however! :) I love your ocd and I'd also love to see your rubbermaided-out cabinets! LOL - - - and don't stress about What's It To Hue - the reveal is August 2 - there's still time!

  9. Geez, I thought bad luck only came in threes. Sorry you had such a yucky day. Look at it this way, things are bound to go good for a while now, with all this happening at once, right?

  10. So what you are saying is you started drinking? LOL Sounds like my morning got up to the whole house smelling like skunk and my husband replaced our normal bathroom ceiling lights with halogen lights - you can almost see your own skeleton sitting on the toilet. As if that weren't enough I have a physical today : P

    ...but your day was totally worse.. I bet if you had some halogen bulbs you could have vaporised those ants....

    Have a better day!


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