Monday, August 8, 2011

Change is Good....Really?

Downstairs there is an ever growing pile of totes, boxes, and storage units.  It is a beautifully color coordinated pile in blacks, greys and a splash of purple.  In them are sheets, comforters, pillows, kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, and decorative items.  Each day something new is added, subtracted from the place that it has called home.  I look at this pile everyday.  The OCD part of me can't wait for it to find it's proper place BUT BUT BUT the Mom in me wishes I could just tuck it all back into it's proper home and keep life at its current status quo.  Once again in my life I am filled with Pride and Panic all at the same time.  In 8 days my sweet girl is spreading those strong and gorgeous wings of hers and embarking on the biggest change of her life.  She will do great of that I have no doubts.  I just wish I could.........well in this case I don't want this particular wish to come so I won't even bother to finish it.  So my sweet friends once again we have hit a crazy point in my life that will take more of my attention.  So I will let you all know that you mean so much to me, all 100 of you (yep I hit 100 although I know I should have some sort of celebration it is just too crazy here right now)   I may once again be scattered so if I miss a post or two know that I will try to catch up as soon as I can.  Email or calling is probably going to be the best way to get my attention any you know I don't mind either.  I really don't know what else to say.

Hugs and Blessings



  1. You have given her roots and wings, Miss Kristen. But I am sure that you have also given her something else. The love that will allow her the courage to fly and to fail knowing that she has a soft place to land should she need it. That is all that we can hope for our children.
    Find your 'something good' through all this.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I like what Erin said! You have done a fab job raising her and she will do wonderfully in school. Think of all the things she is going to learn and experience. You have done an awesome job and it is time for the chick to fly!
    You know you can call if you need to talk.
    You take care girl and I am sending huge hugs your way!

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  4. Kristen, you know I went through all of this last year for the first time. My daughter goes back early Sept. It is hard, but I can tell you now that it does get easier. Feel free to email me if you need to.

  5. Oh my... has this summer flown by Kristen! I can't believe Shelby is getting ready to MOVE.... say it isn't so! Crazy!

    While I know she will be just fine away at college, she'll meet some wonderful new friends that will allow her to express her wonderful self and continue to let her creativity shine.

    You, mama, we'll all be here to support. Between your adorable son, hubby and all of your "online" family, we'll make sure you stay sane. Just think... Shelby will actually be able to read your blog from school to see what YOU'RE up to. Heck, maybe Shelby will start her own blog!

    Hang in there sweetie! We 'wubs you!

  6. Well, I don't know how you got that spam in there but I think it's hilarious -- some dude asking you to pay HIS tuition. Yeah, right! You have your own tuition-needing kid! Please tell Shelby from me that we're all wishing her a great time. Party on but don't forget to study, too! And for Shelby's mom: you are strong and can watch her go with pride for yourself at a job well done! Go Shelby! Go Kristen!!!

  7. Wish I could give you a big hug Kristen! We are all a call, post, text, or email away! If your daughter is anything like her mother, she is going to do fantastic! And so are you! Just think how lucky you are to still have a little one home to help you through this!

  8. It will be an adventure for both of you. She will test her wings and also suffer the pangs of homesickness ... a sickness that may be in the mind but that tears at one's heart. You will miss her terribly but there will be the emails, the phone calls and sooner than you know, the holidays will be here and she'll be home to celebrate it with you.

  9. congrats on hitting 100!

    You really write beautifully! I was right there with you looking at that pile, and feeling your emotions.

    How is she gone off to college already? This year is flying by! You were just getting her ready for prom, and now she's off to college. Wow. Who sped up the clock?

    The house must feel empty without her. Don't worry about being absent from your blog, we all understand :)


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