Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mamma's gotta brag!!!

I am taking a small break between laundry and list checking to bring you a Mamma Brag!

LOOK at what my sweet girl made with the Julsbead she Ninjad from me!

I usually use her as a judge of my creations by her "Can I has" response.  This time it was my turn!
Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that she has started a new blog if anyone wants to check it out!  Little Bizarre Things 2.o

Hugs and Blessings


  1. You should be one proud mamma! She done good and I think you should swipe it from her :)
    Take care and huge hugs!!!

  2. How cute!!!! That must be so sweet to have something made by your own daughter!!! I'm cracking up, the phrase Can I Has sounds like something that those cats on that chezzeburger site. LOL I will check her blog out!

  3. Love it!! That white chain is really cool. Give her big hugs for her design!! Then steal it. :)

  4. Hooray for Shelby! She did an awesome job. You'd better put your beads under lock & key, Kristen! Give her a congratulations hug for me!

  5. That Shelby is just as talented as her Mamma ;-) I agree with Sally though, you're going to need to keep all your beads under lock and key soon!! LOL

    I love everything you've been creating lately too, btw! Your 'What's it to hue' bracelet is to-die-for!!

    You popped into my head last night, just out of the blue...I hope that you are well and wonderful, my dear friend!


  6. Oh how sweet! Sweet sweet from your own daughter! I have offered to teach my daughter how to make jewellery and to torch and shes not interested. Shucks. You are Blessed! xx

  7. This is really really pretty!!!!

  8. She has her mother's talent, that's for sure. I think she's ready to enter Lori's Bead Soup Challenge. :)


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