Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three in one!

This is a picture of my newest set.

The bracelet is made using a Russian Spiral variation I saw on Jaycee's Blog jayceepatterns. She offered this one for free.  I so love the Russian Spiral stitch so naturally I jumped right to email her.  It is a bit fiddly to start and she puts that right in the instructions, but OH MY it works up in no time and wears so sweetly and I love the gorgeous colors I choose.  I have been in a bit of a green mode.  Her instructions are very clear especially for a free tutorial.  I have seen her patterns in the magazines but I know sometime soon I have to get my hands on her tutorials.  I know they will be amazing!  Thanks so much Jaycee it was a pleasure to make this!

The necklace.  Well I originally posted a picture of a necklace to match in Operation Tackle That Bead Stash on FB, because it just didn't do it for me.  I loved the pendant (Which the lovely and sweet Mandy over at Beads for Brains posted here) but it just doesn't work with the chain.  It was so cool to put it out there for good ideas when I knew it wasn't working.  Thanks girls!

So back to the drawing board....well to the patterns at least.  So my sweet friend Anna at A Beaders Blog decided to translate a pattern she saw on Mandy's blog (which I couldn't find to link you too) which I had seen on the Hungarian blog but still needed some clarification to do, so you know it had been sitting for a while in my "want to try" pile.  So she so sweetly took tons of pictures and posted a two part translation of the pattern.  So so easy and she really put alot into it and I am so glad she did!  You have to try this one out!  Thanks so much Anna, look at the pretty I made from it!

The chain you ask...Well Beadwork to the rescue!  In the August issue Melinda Barta did another Custom Cool that I just love!  It is a Serpentine Chain.  I don't know about all of you but sometimes the magazine patterns lack necessary information that we are all left to figure out on our own and while I am sometimes able to do just that, this feature is not one of those.  Melinda gives such clear instructions that it is a breeze to follow!  Thanks again Melinda!

So on a more personal note I want to thank all of you that have sent hugs my way as we took my sweet girl to college.  She is doing AWESOME!  I am so proud of her and since it is going so well all I have to deal with is the day to day missing of her being here (although we do talk 4 or 5 times a day!)  With that I am sure you have notice my lack of commenting on your blogs.  Well I do love reading all of them but I still have a little one here that has needed a bit more attention and so by the time I finish reading I have to go.  This blog and the friendships I have made through it are such a blessing I can't thank you all enough.  I need to end this now before I babble myself to tears!

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Oh I am so impressed by that set--it is really pretty and the colors are striking even though I am not a green person.

    Good for Shelby & you! I am glad that everything is going well for her!

  2. Kristen that set is gorgeous! And green is my favorite color! Russian spiral is my favorite stitch too, I will definitely check out that tutorial! Glad all your babies are doing well!

  3. Kristen,wonderful set! I love the colors and style!

  4. Great job Kristen and I love the greens with the pearls, pretty combination.

    So happy that my translation (mostly via photos) of the Hungarian tutorial worked out. As you noted it is really, really easy.
    I am very impressed with the necklace chain and you made and will have to check out Melinga's instructions on how to fabricate it.

    Thanks a ton for mentioning my blog tutorial. Here's a big, big super-sized hug X. :)

  5. Love the green, Kristen - very striking. I am using green in a necklace I am stitching at the moment too - will be posting when I am finished.

    Bead Soup Mix

  6. Thanks so much for posting Kristen.
    You may want to try the spiral pattern with 3mm pearls and 15/o seeds, makes a gorgeous necklace.

  7. I have just discovered your blog. I like the way you write, and I will be checking back often!

  8. Kristen, love the scalloped edge on this necklace. It turned out really beautiful! Sorry the comment is beyond delayed... don't think I forgot about you. :o) It's one of "those" days several days in a row now with our very old dog. :( I'm off to "mom" duty.


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