Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tounge Tied Tuesday

Fun at Watkins Glen International Raceway.
Tailgate Tickets are Awesome!
Near the track for all the action IF you are watching the right way!
My awesome kids (picture edited by Dawn awesomely except for that women in the back!)
This was a great friendship and they enjoyed every minute of it!
I am a Dale Jr. fan so this is the bracelet made for the race.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. I dig the washer bracelet.... girl you and Lowes could become very good friends the way you did that up!

  2. I just love how you combine beads and hardware!

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    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  4. Hey Kristen, Didn't know you were into Nascar. I lived in Norfolk, VA
    for 7 years and was a bartender. Worked every Sunday during the race. At that time in my life, Nascar was like my religion. I too am a fan of Little E. Great job on the bracelet.

  5. Looks like a blast and most awesome use of washers!!! : )


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