Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beading Babes with Carole Ohl and links

Hey has it really been a week?  I have to tell you all that I have been a bad blog friend these past few weeks just lurking around and not posting much of anything as well as having trouble replying to the awesome comments you have sent.  I have either just been coming off the high drama of all that happened with Shelby, sad because I never seem to have enough time with my family up north, and well my muse I call Rhiannon had also decided to venture out without even a whisper of why.  I have been so off that I even messaged Karyn (our founder of this awesome group) on Friday because I looked at the calender and it said the 16th but I totally knew she had mentioned Sunday in her post.  DUH it totally would have helped to change the calender from September to October before making myself sound like a total moron.  Okay I know I can do that just fine so maybe not.  Anyway I want you all to know that all is good at the moment so I hope to get back into the swing of things.  You are all so sweet to still follow this crazy girl!

With that done let me tell you what this post is really about!  

Beading Babes!

Karyn at Releases by Rufydoof came up with this concept that we pick a pattern, generally from a magazine, and each one of us makes it and then shows it.  Well hay that is why we blog anyway but what is so cool is that she gathered beaders of all skill types together as a way of encouraging each other to learn and have fun.  Ain't she just too sweet?

So the pattern that was chosen was one that I have set aside for that "I so want to do this someday" pile.  You know the one we forget about til we come across it again.  I was so happy because it did jump out at me when I first saw it and this was the perfect excuse to make it.  Well you know me and oh yeah the deadline thing.  I tend to wait until the last minute and I was beading that awesome bracelet of Jaycee's in my last post as well as working on a piece that I have been wanting to finish, and then I was sweetly gifted another great pattern by a designer Nancy hooked me up with.  Thanks girl because I am truly loving it.  Well again I am a terrible judge of bead quantities so I have once again run out of a couple of things so the last two projects had to be put aside.  You know what I had to go to a baby shower up north and I needed a new bracelet!  Camelot Cross to the rescue!  I also had an awesome find at Walmart that was just the ticket to make this project sparkle!  Yay!

Here is my version (and once again I as still working on perfecting my picture taking but I still think you will get the gist of it)

I changed two elements in the pattern.  First is the clasp.  I did not care for or have a button that would match and I am no longer a fan of a simple beaded loop to hold oh and neither of them really gave me that finished look I like.  So I beaded another square without the crystals and let me tell you I love it!!!! A simple little toggle and oh yeah baby it works!  Also as you can see my crystals (walmart score) alternated color in each of the squares.  It made for a simple little twist to make it unique to me.  I know that others had found a flaw in the pattern but because I had been just looking at the diagram I think I missed it.  This pattern not only worked up fabulous it wears awesome!  

Thanks so much Karyn for doing this I had a great time making it.

Two quick things to let you know about.  First I am loving the Book Tour of Barbara Lewis', Painting with Fire Artwear Goddess!  Yes I have been trying to visit each one and the tips, tricks, and artwork are totally amazing.  I would love to get into this art medium but that my just be a long time in the future,  In the mean time you should check everyone out it is so pretty amazing stuff!


Shannon's (Missficklemedia) husband is having a sale for "Mike's Ladies" as a way of saying thanks.  Go read that awesome post

I guess I have made this post long enough huh?

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Wow the bracelet looks gorgeous and I think your version of the clasp makes it perfect. Too often the clasp can look ho-hum, utilitarian, or simply like an after thought but your clasp looks like it is a true part of the bracelet and that it was designed that way from the very beginning.

  2. Your bracelet looks great! Beautiful choice of colours and I love how you did the toggle leaving the crystals out - that looks great! I didn't end up doing a toggle on mine because it would have been too long. Thanks so much for joining Beading Babes...I look forward to seeing you next project!


  3. I love it, Kristen! I love the closure, what a great idea! And, I love that you changed the colors of the crystals. This is such a great pattern!

  4. I love the toggle! Great idea!!! Great colors too this will go with so much - fantastic job!!

  5. Csodálatos ak az alkotásaid nagyon nagyon egyediek és szépek !!!
    Gratulálok a sok szuper nunkához !!!!

  6. Kristen, your Beading Babes bracelet is stunning. I'd love to know how many hours goes in to making such a detailed piece. The pattern and colors are really pretty, but your clasp really makes it! What a clever idea - and it flows so nicely with the entire design. I think the best part is that you say it is great when worn too.... I know sometimes even if something I make looks good, it doesn't always hang quite right. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Very pretty bracelet! I admire my beading friends talents and tenacity! Rock on Sista.


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