Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ella, Juls, Rebecca, Rhiannon, Heather, Dawn and me.

Confusing title to be sure!  Well this is how it all went.  Remember when I did the review for Ellad2, and I posted the bracelet that I was dying to do next?  Well she liked my review so much that she sent me the tutorial.  Oh how I love turquoise and brown together BUT....yep I now lack a supply of size 8/0's (I will have to work on that when I win the lottery)  So what to do?  What to do?  Ohhhhhh I think white and chocolate would be beautiful (hunt through stash here)  I knew I had a stash of the most gorgeous brown textured beads and well I have a thing for creams and whites so that was no problem either.


My Cookies and Cream Ojo!  (my hubby named it)  I really love this.  It has beautiful support and strength and what a great and easy to follow tutorial.  One of the other things I like about her creations is that she uses readily available beads so you no special purchases are necessary.  Yay!  Stash busting is awesome!.  The only problem was the clasp.  None of the toggles I had would match that antique dark brass and I didn't want to make a simple loop because well when do I do anything easy?  I am really pleased with what I chose.  I know it looks familiar to some of you because yes it is half a sparkly wheel.  Ella is celebrating a milestone so make sure to visit her to see what surprises she has in store for us.  Thanks so much Ella!

Okay so how do Juls, Rebecca, Rhiannon and Heather Kingsley Heath come into this?  Well I had decided to try Heather's Master Class pattern in the most recent issue of Beadwork.  Oh Boy a master I am not!  I have to tell you I had alot of trouble with this one.  I found the way she has you stitch the components very fiddly for me and the first three parts of it literally gave me fits.  (yes stomping was involved as well as the urge to toss the bead tray across the room BUT I wasn't going to actually do that!)  So on a recent trip up north which is a 4 hour drive I played and found that if I complete each portion of the component and it's embellishment then work the next row it was so much easier.  Okay but now how to make it me?  Just then my sweet muse who I call Rhiannon took a vacation.  Isn't that always the way.  Well I was typing my dilemma in FB and my friend Rebecca said that she had made a sheep for her boyfriend and he had named it Rhiannon, maybe she should send me a picture and it might help.  Yeah I don't think a picture of a sheep could help.......
You know what happened?  Just like a smack in the back of the head a beautiful set of beads that Juli of the fabulishous Julsbeads sent me for my birthday last year popped into my head.  No joke I ran upstairs and put all three pieces together and they were an absolute perfect match!
Paying with a light box of sorts
This is what it looks like on.

This is my Spice Latte.  I am totally in love with this necklace for all the reasons listed above and more.  I have been trying since my last birthday to make these beads into something and all I needed was a picture of a sheep.  Huh go figure.  Oh and I also have to thank my cheerleader Dawn.  Every time I have an idea I bounce it off her and I swear the girl has some sort of connection into my head or something because she sees what I am describing and I see her suggestions.  Spooky!

So I guess that's my story and I;m stickin to it!

Hugs and Blessings

Oh Oh OH I totally wanted to tell you that I WON something!!!!!  Yes I am totally blessed to have been the first name drawn in BeadsForever giveaway!  Yep the first name so I get that outstandingly funky cab that she made! and The Art of Bead Embroidery!    I nearly fell off my chair when I got Linda's message!  She is so sweet and makes art that will knock your socks off!


  1. Kristen, Love the Cookies and Cream Ojo bracelet. I'm so glad everything came together for you on the gorgeous Spice Latte necklace (don't you just love Juls' beads). Congratulations on being the first name pulled in Linda's giveaway.

  2. You are crackin' me up girl!! I am so in love with that necklace. I have a beautiful set of Juls beads that I am trying to find a necklace pattern that will do them justice. Love how the pattern complements the beads!

  3. Thanks for posting - I'm so glad that Rhiannon (the sheep) and I could help! I'll make sure that Tim see's this post - he'll be pleased to see his sheep is famous!!
    Keep creating, and keep blogging - I love seeing and reading what you're up to! <3

  4. The bracelet turned out well. Think of it this way, as pretty as brown and turquoise are the brown and cream will go with more.

  5. What a fun post Kristen! And might I add, you did a beautiful job with that bracelet! GOR-GEOUS! I was lurking during the muse/rhiannon/sheep thing on FB! And I'm so glad it did the trick!

  6. I just love the Cookies and Cream bracelet and the the Spice Latte necklace! That sheep is just too adorable, no wonder he inspired you! Love your posts, Kristen!

  7. Kristen, I'm totally bringing the milk and you can provide the cookies! :o) I LOVE this bracelet... as in it's on my things I must have before I die list. And you know me, I'm always a necklace girl. But GIRL... that bracelet is lick my lips amazing! Seriously!

    It's just gawjous!!!

  8. Wow! If you aren't the busy beader! I love both of these pieces AND that your muse has returned. Gorgeous stuff, Kristen!


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