Monday, November 7, 2011

Failure is not an option it is inevitable!

But that is okay.  Sometimes it is actually good and can lead to this

This is actually the first NEDBeads Trellis rope I tried.  When I received these gorgeous beads (yes they are Julsbeads so you know I am already in love)And I almost quit more than a few times.  Mainly because the beads (my sweet little 15's) were a total nightmare!  If I didn't understand why beaders used cullers before I totally do now.  But look at it!  Juli, Nancy and Me.  I will be another one of those go to pieces for me!  Thanks girls I love how you inspire me.

And sometimes there are questions even at the end like this one.

I wanted it to match the necklace but I am still not sure about it.  I used Kelli Burns pattern from the last Beadwork but I did not use the same beads she called for because I wanted to stay in my stash.  I am still debating on attaching the clasp.

Then there are utter failures.  Remember this? 

Yes the elusive dragon.  Well I did get more of the magatamas in crystal and so I started all over again.  Mind you this was to be the 4th time I started it again.  I thought it was going pretty well but as I started zipping it started breaking.  5th time, and breaking, 6th time, and breaking okay that's it I have to totally admit defeat right?  So I start ripping it apart and thought it would break as I went along but you know what I got to a certain point and it just wouldn't break!  Well Damn it I have had it I put it in a baggy and shoved it in the closet so I don't have to look at it again!!!!!  It beat me!  But that is okay.

Then there are failures that turn into success...

I used the wrong size beads in my first attempt at Heather Collins Guinevere. But look what happened.  This turned out beautiful and is another one of those go to pieces. 

So I guess this post is to let everyone know that yes we will fail and sometimes it just plain sucks BUT other times well just look around your own world today an see I am sure there are things that may have started out like a epic fail but totally turned into Success!

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. OMG I so know that feeling of "this just wasn't ment to be" but it looks like you did quite a few awesome things so I guess it all balances out in the end!

  2. One thing I've learned in my life is that "Persistence Pays!" Sometimes the lesson is not in the finished product (which is eventual if you keep at it), but in the attempt (and failure). That being said, sometimes you're learning what NOT to do, and is a very valuable lesson!


  3. Kristen, Oh Em Gee! You and Nancy are 2 of my favorite people, and I am stoked to be part of the trio behind that GORGEOUS necklace! Very well done, my friend!

  4. That Guineviere (sp?) is gorgeous! (and we all have a closet baggie(tub...55 gallon garbage know:) ) of things that we never want to see again...)

  5. Girl!!! I am so totally stoked over this necklace! What a stunning piece. And the Guinevere is awesome as well. I'm just drooling over those colors. I think all the challenges you had just increases the joy in the accomplishments.

  6. I so loved your blog post. One of my FB friends forwarded the link. I, too, am one of those determined people! You rock!!

  7. The Trellis rope necklace is gorgeous, Juls' beads are perfect in it. Guinevere is stunningly beautiful. I have wanted to do the Dragon bangle so bad, but you are not the only one to say that they have had a hard time with it and you are a much more experienced bead weaver than I am, so I don't think I will try it now.

  8. Isn't it great when your mistakes turn out for the better. I love the Trellis rope necklace - the colour combination is just beautiful and really compliments Juls' beautiful bead. I love Guinevere too... this piece looks very regal!


  9. A very healthy outlook on "failure." Persistance pays off as your beautiful beadwork shows us!

  10. Kristen, I love the encouraging tone of your post. And your beading is so beautiful. From failure we learn much! Peace

  11. I have to agree with everyone who is pleased with the positivity of a post on failures! :) I've just recently started beading and have had several failures.. that **** Dragon Bangle being an 'almost failure' I made one that I think is suitable, the first one I made I've tossed aside.. issues with the joining.. I currently have yet another one that is giving me heck to finish as well.. I'm too OCD to toss it just yet but it's getting more and more tempting to find another use for those lovely magatamas.... and I absolutley LOVE the Guinevere! Perfect color choice.

  12. I guess I missed this post cuz I was in CA and that's how I missed hearing the Dragon Saga! I'm so surprised that it didn't work b/c it looks so beautiful!! I just realized that the woman who wrote this owns a seed bead store (yep! only seedies) not too far from here. I must go check it out! Maybe I could take a class in that bracelet?!? I love your other pieces so much! But you already know that! Hugs to you, my friend!

  13. What a wonderful post. Sometimes we'd like to pretend we're perfect and never fail at anything but deep down we know that's just not so. We've all had failures, made and will make mistakes ... it's a part of life and a part of learning. It's just comforting to hear that others are human too and that we're not alone. I have my own secret stash of pieces that just did not work out and either I need to try again (groan) or take them completely apart to salvage the beads (groan again).

    I love the way your Guinevere turned out. The beads in those pieces really make them look lush and rich. It is awesome when we get those wonderful little surprises where using something different actually makes the end result even better than we imagined. :)

    oh and ps ... Why is it that we can have a fortune invested in beads and supplies and yet the very next project we decide to make, we find we need something else ... either a different size bead or a different color, or a finding or something. So when you made the Kelli Burns pattern, I sincerely and truly understood your wanting to try to use beads that were already in your stash instead of going out to purchase more. It's the buying of more beads that makes us end up with a bead stash that rivals a small bead store. :D


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