Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wishlist Tuesday!

Since this is my birthday month and I thought it would be good to put a wish list out there.  Maybe one of my friend can show my hubby and that can give him some ideas.  Although he did already buy me some awesome beads that I totally forgot to take a picture of before I started using them.  It is a great package of all the things I needed to finish some projects.  Thanks you awesome Babe you!

Anyway here is my list! And they are in no particular order.

Really this has to be it for now because it took me almost an hour to put it all on here.  LOL  I will have to make a second version soon.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH! That is a great wishlist! What day is your birthday??

    Hope you had a very spooktacular halloween!!!


  2. I'm lovin' all of your wish list and have added a number of them to my own. :)

    Hope your birth-month is filled with happiness and fulfill all your wishes. May your birthday be exceedingly joyful. :)

  3. Let the party commence! And I thought that one week for my birthday was enough celebrating. Clearly, I am missing out on several more weeks of fun! ;-)
    So sweet that you included my little simple truth pendant. I was surprised to see it here. I love that bangle. So beautiful! And more awesome is that your honey buys you BEADS! My hubby would not even have a clue!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Happy Birthday Month my friend!!! I love that. My hubs gets me gift certificates from my bead store for Christmas. They love to see him coming! You picked out some great stuff!

  5. Happy birthday month! It's my month too. Mine is the 28th, when's yours? I hope you get everything on your wishlist!


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