Monday, January 9, 2012

Official Review - NEDbeads

Well sort of.  She didn't ask for it but I am doing it anyway.  I happened across a bit of extra funds and I completely fell in love with this tutorial so you know I HAD to have it.  The Perfect Evening Earrings.  ( go ahead and check it out I'll wait........*tapping feet*......)  Did you buy it?  Well you totally should!  Now as you saw this tutorial is for earrings but when Nancy posted a bracelet of these I was hooked (line and sinker too).  So why not make both?  Well this is the part where I tell you that you can never ever have enough rivolis!  I had purchased these stunning silk rivolis at Artbeads and been hoarding them for a while now.  Unfortunately no one carries them (at least that I can find)  in 12 mm anymore so I can't even direct you to a picture or place to buy them.  So I started with the first element and decided that working towards the bracelet would be my first goal.  
Here is my Perfect Silk and Denim Bracelet

Ain't it just tooooooo purdy!!!!!!
Nancy's instructions are completely fail proof.  If you follow them you will create such a work of art and amaze yourself with the finished product.  I did need to make a few adjustments to create the bracelet but like I said if you follow her lead you can easily add your own style or preference without fail.  This is actually the third of her tutorials that I have worked with and first I want you to know that with all the pictures and hints she gives in each of them I was not confused once (unless I read too fast because once I got going I just get too excited.)  I can also tell you that this and her other patterns are kept in a special go to place in my folder for inspiration and I will be making a set of earrings as soon as I find the rivoli's again.  How great is it that we are so lucky to have tutorials from artist's that really want you to succeed and explore?  I will tell you that Nancy is not only one heck of an artist but she backs that up with a true desire to see others grow.  What a great supporter of all of us she is.   I hope I have A- convinced you to go and get this pattern because you know you are hoarding rivoli's too (or at least want to) and B-done Nancy proud!

Now don't you all worry this is only the first of the three posts you all voted for.  I stretched my tipsy beading a week apart and now I am totally trying to remember what exactly I should or shouldn't tell you all about.  

Hugs and Blessings

PS Someone should really tell spell check that Rivoli really is a word!  Just sayin!


  1. Thank you SO much for your glowing review, Kristen my dear, and I LOVE your bracelet! I love your bracelet more than mine - and I'm NOT kidding, your colors are superb!!!! FABULOUS work!!!!!!! Thank you!

  2. You did good! Both the beading, and telling the world just how wonderful Nancy is!

  3. Love Nancy's work and tutorials! Yours is beautiful!

  4. Girl that bracelet is fabulous! Love those colors together!!!

  5. Such a beautiful bracelet, love the colour scheme you chose.

  6. It is FABULOUS; I love the colors you used. And yes, Nancy is the BEST!

    It's really PERFECT:nice colors,fantastic,though simple design,but there's the whole elegance in simplicity.
    I a really impressed.
    Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-

  8. Absolutely beautiful bracelet, Kristen! Nancy's tutorials are always clear as a bell and so easy to follow! You're both AMAZING!!

  9. Wow! Kristen, my friend, this is amazing and beautiful. Whoda thunk to make a bracelet from an earring pattern? I love that you can think outside the box like this. Awesome work. And, for the record, I wouldn't know a rivoli if one fell in my lap! HA!

  10. Well, I wish I was hoarding rivolis. Sadly, I've never had one in my possession. But even if I hated them, I would love them after seeing your bracelet. You totally did Nancy proud, and I'm so thrilled to see it in another colorway. I didn't think any color could be as good as Nancy's but yours is equally as stunning! Great job girl!

  11. What a lovely review and amazing bracelet!

  12. Hello K,
    Your bracelet is gorgeous. I am with Sally, as a non-beader, no idea what a rivoli is but ravioli, very familiar. LOL

    I always enjoy reading your blog because it sounds just like you, honest, funny and straightfoward.
    Oh yeah and wonderful too!

    Bead on Sista girl

  13. Beautiful !!! Love the colors and the design. Job well done, now hope you'll find those 12 mm Rivolis soon so we can see the matching earrings. :)

    Also thanks so much for letting us in on Ned'sBeads website.

  14. your bracelet, as always, is amazing! I hoarded a whole bunch of those last year when fire mountain was running them so super cheap. I only wished i could have had the money to get more at the time. I love love crystals, yet I rarely use them. I think it's in my head that I have to hold on to them for something very very special. However, your bracelet is very inspiring, and makes me want to dig in!


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