Saturday, February 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club - February

YAY!  I have so been waiting for this reveal although I did only just finish part of it yesterday.  Jeannie (this is a link directly to her website as I know you are going shoppin after you read this!)was so happy with our Club last month that she offered a set she had made for her January piece to the first responder.  Guess what?  Yep I replied nearly instantly for these gorgeous beauties!  
Minus the glass beads but as you will see I didn't need them!

Oh yes I love them.  It is so funny that you fall in love with a picture over the computer and sometimes they are no where near what you thought they were but in this case you guessed it, these beauties are beyond words.  I thought I had a plan for them but when they arrived my direction was totally changed.  I discovered something about my journey into this beading world. I can see a design in my head now.  I new exactly were to take this necklace and frankly it is not too shabby at all.

Introducing  Rockin Blossom!

I used a great tutorial I have used before by Nancy Dale of NEDbeads. I love this Trellis necklace for not only how it works up but how it wears.  The rope is so soft and also a bit bolder but this is exactly what this necklace needed.  For anyone who is not a seed beader I will tell you that it does take time but the results are mind blowing.

Now the bracelet well that was really hard for me.  I had 2 of the accent beads left and I wanted to give them a proper compliment.  I had seen these beaded beads in a magazine (I can't remember which one and since I have totally misplaced it......yeah, luckily I had made one bead before loosing it)  I thought I could make them work with the beads.  You all know I am not not not a stringer.  This scares be because of the symmetry thing.  I know what you are thinking I make the seeds work right?  Well they work for me, string and wire?  Not so much.  So I finally finished the beads Thursday night and set to "weave" them together.  Yep if I say that it works.  Let me know what you think.

Being a part of this Club is amazing for me.  Not only do I get my hands on some spectacular Art Beads which I totally covet.  I get to meld them with my style and inspiration.  Jeannie's beads are AWESOME and her great attention to detail gives each one a special personality.  

Oh hey BTW I realized the other day that my blog was created to show you pairings as well but I totally have not been sharing those as I should so.............

I plan to make sure you can see where I get some of my inspiration from.  

Now check out all the lovely members in this months challenge and send Jeannie some love for letting me be a part of this!

Cindy Cima Edwards
Hugs and Blessings


  1. Kristen - these pieces are so gorgeous and elegant!! Beautiful work!

  2. Girl, you hit it! Nancy's Trellis pattern is a perfect complement to the focal. Oh, I so love it, and the bracelet....I know which beads those are! I'll go find the book for ya! :) You did a stunning job showcasing Jeannie's beautiful focal, Nancy's great pattern, and your awesome style!!!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! Everything goes together so well to compliment the beautiful beads!

  4. Wow - just wow! They are gorgeous girl! Love, love, love!!!!!

  5. Knocked it out of the park with this one! I see it on a slinky black dress with an opera coat on its way to the performance! Or the Oscars! Yes! It is that lovely. So excited to see what people are doing with Jeannie's beads. She is fabulous.
    And you are too.
    Enjoy the day!

  6. You nailed it! Your beadwork coupled with Jeannie's beads is stunning. This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen. Congrats.

  7. Kristen,
    It is amazing what you can do with a needle, thread and seed beads! This necklace and bracelet are out of this world gorgeous. I have seen those beaded beads also and went and got the stuff to make them now I just can not remember which mag they were in, I need to find it.

  8. I am in complete awe of your design! What you manage to do w/those tiny little seed beads and how you make everything looks so perfect and elegant is amazing! You really highlighted Jeannie's pendant and like someone else said, I can definitely see this set being worn w/a little black dress - so lovely!!

  9. lola, this turned out so beautifully! i'm normally not into seed beading, but this piece is really lovely. the parts totally complement each other, balance each other. wouldn't be the same without each other. nice!

  10. You did an AMAZING job! It's regal and rich and I love it!

  11. Oh. My. Goodness...Again! Your designs are spectacular! I don't think I could have come up with anything that compliments Jeannie's beads as well as what you did. The beaded beads and the amazing beaded rope are just plain stunning. Beautiful!

    :) Molly

  12. Jaw-dropping gorgeous! I love making beaded beads, but the ones you created complement Jeannie’s beads so beautifully. And that necklace, Kristen? Wow … So elegant! Just lovely …

  13. Not too shabby? I'd say it's pretty damn perfect! It looks very rich and exotic, but classy...and I love it!

    Everything complements Jeanne's gorgeous beads perfectly! The colors are perfect...the Trellis Rope is perfect...your design elements and all goes together and equals perfection!

    And I am the same way when faced with a stringing can be very daunting to a seed beader. But you put everything together beautifully!

  14. For the love everything beady in this world...Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl this is a sensation and my whole body is tingling. I'm serious, I have goose bumps right now.

    Another expectional work of art. Love you Honey Bear and thank you for creating such beauty.

  15. Your necklace and bracelet are gorgeous! The beaded rope blends beautifully with the beads for the necklace and yes - the bead weaving works for the bracelet!

  16. O-M-G!!!! This is incredibly gorgeous, girl! What an elegant piece with the black and gold. And the netting beadwork makes it look so lacy and filigree. Great work!

  17. wow, how did you manage to get those made in a month! amazing :-)

  18. Incredible work Kristen! I mean, what you have done is completely far away from anything I would ever create myself, and I completely admire you for it. Your design really really works. How you have combined all the different elements and created your own ones to match the ones you got from Jeannie. Fantastic! I would love to see close ups of the rope and the beaded beads.

  19. Holy crow! Kristen, this is amazing. They're both beautiful and the way you put it all together is so beautiful. You are doing such amazing work, girlfriend! Congratulations!

  20. Helloooo,Kristen:-)
    Fantastic complete set!Amazing colors and beads'sort.I am really impressed with the way of stitching and that fabulous design.
    Greetings from Sweden-Halinka-

  21. You know what is so awesome... how you balanced this piece. Using a substantial sized focal and pairing it with teeny tiny seed beads is a challenge unto itself. Kristen you totally rocked it... Love this pairing!


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