Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh I am so in for this one...Are you?

Oh I am so excited about this next challenge of Erin's.  She inspires me beyond words. AND since I am currently confined to this........

Yep 6 week of this gorgeous (NOT) boot!  Whoo Hoo!  I think I can get this done!

Hugs and Blessings



  1. I signed up too!!!! What a fun idea, right!?

  2. Sorry your tootsie's hurt!
    The challenge sounds fun.

  3. Ugh...not fun with the boot. But I am so glad you signed up for the challenge! I can't wait to see what everyone creates because this seems like so much fun!

  4. Drats! That looks like no fun. I hope it isn't icy where you are. Slip sliding in that thing would be a bummer.

    So happy that the new challenge inspired you! I wanted it to be something different. You know that is how I roll ;-) I also know that so many people are doing so many other challenges and such so I don't expect 100 people, but I am just delighted that someone will play in my sandbox because otherwise it would be lonely over here!

    Enjoy the day, sunshine.

  5. Hi Kristen,
    I'm so sorry about this ! Maybe you could embellish it with beads :o)
    Good luck with this original challenge, I wish I had a blog.
    Kind regards

  6. Hope your foot heals quickly! But, not being able to get around easily should give you more beading time! :)!

  7. Hi Kristen,
    I hope you're doing better !!
    Kind regards,


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