Monday, February 13, 2012

When ADD and OCD meet.

Still nursing my foot which is not broken.  I have tendonpathy.  Fancy word for really stretched tendon.  Trying not to let it get me down so I thought I would throw out a quick post to show you all what my trays look like when I wake up in the morning.

Yes they really do look like that.  I know I know pathetic right?  I think it comes from the fact that the vacuum has stolen too many projects, needing to make sure I don't lose any of those precious beads, and frankly because I can't seem to focus on just one thing.  You know that last part is so true for all of us as while we are working on something an inspiration strikes and we have to explore it.  4 of the projects are for challenges that I am working on and 1 is a review.  The others well.........

I hope all is well with you and yours my friends.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Wow, they are so neat and tidy! Mine is always a complete tip!

  2. I wish I could keep mine as tidy ... I'm getting better after the influence of OTTBS though.

  3. I love the look of the yellow and pearl piece next to the red pliers... I'd love to know more about that!!
    My bead tray never looks that tidy... not even if I've just tidied it!

  4. I really happy to hear your foot's not broken! Hopefully, it will heal soon. I try to keep my bead trays like yours. I work better like that, so I guess OCD is a good description for me, too!

  5. Kristen, My bead table is always a organized chaos. I recognized the yellow beaded project next to the red handled pliers and I must say it is stunning.

  6. Be well, sweetheart! I would love it if you would come and clean my bead tables up like that every night. You could be my bead fairy! ;-) At least if you have to put your feet up you can stop and make something pretty. Thinking of you!
    Enjoy the day!

  7. I agree with Erin! And when you're organizing her space, I'll really make your money's worth on this trip! I'm only a few hours from Erin! LOL

    Take it easy on that foot... no sambas or cha chas. Don't kick your husband in the butt (that's really hard on injured feet) and whatever you do, don't stop beading... I'm eyeing up the yellow piece (I Know, don't freak out) but the yellow piece looks completely intriguing to me!

    Sending happy thoughts! {Hugs!}

  8. Such tidy trays! I finally took time to tidy up my table yesterday.. see how long that lasts! ;) Rest up that foot!! I've never dealt with that in humans, but it's usually 6 week minimum stall rest for horses ;) I LOVE the yellow piece!! :D Is the other yellow piece in the upper corner one I should know as well? I need to explore in yellows.. I've never made ONE yellow piece!

  9. How neat and organized, love that :o)
    Good to read that you're doing ok considering your "foot situation".
    All the best,

  10. I was sure I commented here yesterday but it's not here. Oh, well. I just wanted to tell you how I love your organized bead trays. I think I love organizing things more than making them (ok, maybe not). Glad to hear from you. Hugs!

  11. trays look nothing like that...they are a mess of beads. However I am insane about losing bead, and yes will get on my hands and knees and search through the carpet for one single size 15 bead. And those suckers are hard to find in the carpet.


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