Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Official Review - Kerrie Slade

Oh my goodness.  Before Christmas Kerrie (who I totally admire) of Kerrie Slade~Contemporary Beadwork asked me if I would review a pattern for her.  I was so busy with all the holiday stuff I told her that I would get back to her when things lightened up a bit (I know I know but I didn't want to leave her hanging)  I truly was honored that she would ask me because frankly her creativity with beads is amazing to me.  So at the end of January I picked a pattern (hard choice believe me) but I totally and completely love daisies so I kept going back to that one.  I originally picked the core beaded bead pattern thinking that you would all like that one but really I was thrilled when she asked me to do the Daisy Chain Tutorial first.  As I said I love daisies!  I actually printed it that night and set off to work.  

Now I learned something about me along the way.  I totally work better without a specific color or match in mind.  I tried to do that working with these glorious daisies and boy was it a challenge.  I will tell you I must have made 6 of these beauties (and ripped them apart) not because the pattern wasn't working but because the beads I was trying to use just weren't poppin like I wanted.  I would actually make 100 of these gorgeous flowers because the pattern is OUTSTANDING!  So awesome to have a pattern that gives you all the tips to succeed.  The instructions were so clear and her diagrams so easy to follow!  So it happened.  I received a generous gift from a friend that honestly I swear she knew I was in need and boy did she ever deliver.  Among those little treasure she sent were just the spark I needed.  I set off to create the daisies.  They are perfect.  Oh no!  How to showcase them?  I drew a complete and utter blank.  I had the beads I wanted to use but the look just wasn't there.  Okay set them aside and see.....then the worst....nothing I was beading was working.  ARGH!!!!  Whine.  Pout.  Look through patterns.  Nothing!  I am currently working on another necklace and trying to come up with the design so in the shower while I was thinking about it.....The necklace just showed itself to me.  This has happened to me only once before and frankly it shocks me.  I really see the finished piece in my head in all it's detail.  Does that happen to you?

So since you have listened to me ramble on and on I now give you......
Denim and Silk Daisies 

And her is the pairing for it.  Yep that is Nancy Dale's Perfect Evening variation.  Doesn't this set look sweet together?

Thank you so so so much Kerrie for your patience and faith that I could follow your amazing tutorial.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Dear Kristen - I love what a different look you gave these little daisies and how you turned them into such a wearable piece. I am so happy that you paired them with Nancy's delightful pattern and I would wear this combo day in and day out!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and for the wonderful review!

    Kerrie x

  2. Beautiful!! Love the colors too!!!

  3. Love this. Love the colors and the crystals and the components! Gorgeous!

  4. Great review, love the rope you did with the daisies, and Nancy's bracelet is just a perfect match!

  5. Nagyon tetszik egyszerűen csodálatos !!!

  6. Kristen, The necklace is gorgeous and the bracelet is a perfect match to go with it. I do that when something is stumping me I walk away from it then all of a sudden there is the finished piece in my minds eye. It is so awesome how that happens.

  7. Hi,Kristen:-)
    The daises are beautiful.I love the idea and the stitch.Also the denim color makes them so unique.

  8. Wow those are AMAZING! I just don't know how you do it!


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