Sunday, March 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club - March - It's got to be 5 O'clock somewhere

It's that time again!  Welcome to the.....
The awesome Jeannie of Jewelry by Jeannie has once again blessed me with her creations to play with.
Do you remember these that I received?
Don't you just love her packaging....So Pretty!

Now aren't these just the cutest little beads...Yes yes they are!
So here's my story and I am totally stickin to it!  I saw these little cuties and they told me they wanted me to play with them.  (Don't laugh you know it happens)  So I started to think of what I could create.  I searched and searched my pattern library.......Nothing.  Humph  that can't be right.  So I set them aside and was cleaning up my trays and putting my beads away and no joke these hot pink beads just didn't want to go back in the little drawer.  A few days before I had to order a gift on Amazon and since my sweet hubby HATES to pay shipping I just happen to find some sparkly little rose crystals (a whole gross I tell ya) that would make the $25 minimum.  I was going to put them with olive but when they came I knew they went with these beads.  Oh by the way did I tell you that the color of Jeannie's beads are Margarita?  Oh now you know I was having fun.  So still no pattern so I just threaded a needle and played.  Okay I have to tell you although I love love love these beads and am not disappointed one bit, they are not to be handled as much as a weaver does when trying new things.  Some of the finish did come off....BUT when I finally did get my AH HA moment I new with care that would not happen anymore.  So now I present you with Margaritaville.

This is a fun and funky piece and frankly I know not everyone will care for my style but I love it.

AND The pairing...I should tell you thought that the colors of the beads and the shirt do actually match and I have no clue why the pink is sooooooo pink in the pairing picture.  LOL

This months team of awesome designers is.....

Cindy Cima Edwards
Please make sure to give them all a great shout out!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Those are so pretty! Margaritaville is wonderful with the lime green & pinks together. Love it

  2. I LOVElovelove this!! I think you did an awesome job on it, and I also think you should make up a pattern, because I think lots of lovely beaders out there would love to make one, too! Fabulous work, as always! :)

  3. It's so weird because it looks like the same necklace in two different colors. Maybe your camera is magical or has some super power.

    Once again you blew me away, I have goosebumps. Bead Weavers Rock! I have the t-shirt.
    You're a doll Kristen.
    Love ya honey,

  4. Just LOVE it Kristen - that's your own pattern!? Great job! And I SO relate to this: "I saw these little cuties and they told me they wanted me to play with them. (Don't laugh you know it happens)" IT DOES HAPPEN!!!!!

  5. Kristen, Your piece is amazing so very pretty! I love the colors you chose, or they chose themselves ;-), to go with the pretty polymer beads. Nancy is right you should write up the pattern. I'm not that advanced to be able to just pick up a needle and thread and go at it to make something as intricate as your piece.

  6. Wow... would you look at that? I can feel the warm sun, the chilled umbrella drink and what's that I here... ♫ Cheeseburger in Paradise ♫ GIRLY, you rocked this piece! I love it and really like your photos! Great close-up shot!!

    This piece is killer my friend! So summery and very happy looking!

  7. I love this necklace, Kristen!! It's beautiful and you definitely should write up the pattern. I loved that your pink beads just didn't want to be put away. I have things that do that to me, so I just leave them on my table and eventually they become something!

  8. Oh, Kristen. You've done it again. I can't believe you just make stuff up without a pattern. It's the mark of a true artist. This is just gorgeous and really amazing! Congratulations! And now you need NEED to get that Etsy shop open and sell tutes!

  9. Kristen you are amazing girl! I love what you created with those beads - way to go woman!!!

  10. A fantastic girly and whimsical creation !!

  11. You've created a true masterpiece ! The colors are wonderful and your pattern is divine and the whole thing comes together in one gorgeous and really whimsically fun piece. This is a necklace I'd love in my own private jewelry collection. :)

  12. Fire up the blender, Miss Kristen! I am coming over for some fun! I love the color of those little beads. And that you are able to just whip up a pattern like that with those dastardly little seed beads (my nemesis) is incredible. So much fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy the day!

  13. Oh.My. Your beadwork is stunning! Such a talent. This piece is so peaceful and springy. Love it.

  14. Beautiful, lovely design and the colours are very refreshing.

  15. Again with the tiny beads! You must be cross eyed, lol.
    Great job!!

  16. This necklace is lovely! I love the color combinations - beautiful!!

  17. Awesome work Kristen...I have to agree with everyone regarding you writing up a pattern for this beauty - you must...I'd buy it
    ! Beautiful work as always.


  18. Lovely necklace! You're a very talented beadweaver!

  19. My goodness Kristen - as a beginner in the bead weaving gig, I can't imagine how you just created this as you went along - unbelievable! As always, you blow me away with your talent - I love the color combination and the design. I can hear the blender from here! :)

  20. fun colors and i'm so in awe of beadweaving. love that you just played!


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