Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club - April and the 6 women who contributed to it!

Okay now friends this is going to be a bit on the sappy side.  I know you are all surprised by this.  LOL  

So I need to tell you about my title.  There are six amazing women without whom I don't think I would have come this far in my journey.  They touch my heart in ways that boost me when I need it and make me think or they have given me the shoulder that I so desperately needed during my down moments.

First there is Jeannie of Jewelry by Jeannie who with out her totally rock star beads and sweetness for letting me be a part of this awesome group there would not be a reveal at all.  She not only inspires me to go outside my comfort zone with the beautiful beads she sends me she also gives me such awesome feedback that she has earned my friend ship for Life!

Second there is Miss Erin of Treasures Found.  Now she knows that she inspires and she knows that she can make you think but I am not sure if she truly knows how she has affected me personally.  A few posts ago in her blog she talked about breaking out of your shell.  I could not comment at that time because it hit me in such a way that I really ended up thinking about it ever since.  I have cracked my shell many times.  I say only cracked because I have always had a bit of a safety net since I started this journey.  I thought and thought about how to break my shell and so on this particular necklace I did bounce ideas off my safety net but I completed it before I showed it.  This is a first for me.  Not a huge break but still I needed this challenge.  Thank you sooooooo much Erin!

Now the next 3 women are indeed part of my safety net I just told you about.  Each of them has become such a major part of not only my beading journey but life in general.  They are there for everything.  They are the ones I bounce ideas off.  They are there when I need to cry or complain. They are there to inspire me and most of all the make me smile, laugh and fill my life with friendship. They are just there and for that I need them to know how much I truly love them.  Dawn, Nancy and Shirley you are such wonderful friends and I am so lucky to have you!

Now let me tell you about Shannon of Missficklemedia.  A while back we did a bit of a swap and she sent me the most wonderful gifts.  I have hoarded these treasures and pulled them out every now and then looking for the perfect piece to use them in.  She is one of the sweetest women on the planet and if you have seen her creations you know what a gift she has if you haven't you need to get you some of those goodies.

With all that said I will now show you Butterscotch Gift.  Named for all the gifts I have been blessed to receive from these amazing women.

As you can see this is one of Jeannie's Cherry Blossom Pendants, With Missficklemedia Saffron Chain and clasp and the beaded chain is inspired my NEDbeads Runway pattern (which totally rocks by the way!)

Please pop over to check out all the other members creations and if you have a chance send some love to these amazing women I mentioned above.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Kristen, your necklace is beautiful. I love beads with chain and I think you mixed the two wonderfully. It's really hard to break out of our box and you did a great job! You might have bounced against your safety net a few times but you have to take it slowly sometimes. Great job!

  2. What a gorgeous blog post. Firstly, thank you so much for your sweet words. I know each of the ladies you mentioned love you just as much. Second, I am so so so glad you let go a little and felt like you could do this without showing first - and you have done a wonderful job!! I love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Huge hugs to you, lady love.

  3. Gorgeous! And aren't Miss Jeannie's beads great? Echo Creative Club rocks. I'm only in for four times this year due to other challenges, but I so enjoy looking at the art made every month by talented artists.

  4. Its a beautiful necklace, as all of your work is!

    It is wonderful, no more than wonderful that you have found a group of women that give you so much support and friendship.

    Someday, I'll be saying "I knew you when".
    xx, Carol

  5. A lovely post about " a little help from Your friends" and also a very sweet necklace !! I would love to try that blossom to work with...You made a stunning job with it !!

  6. A very beautiful post for an equally beautiful necklace! I love how you showcased Jeannie's Cherry Blossom pendant ... the saffron and beaded chains are so lovely together!

  7. It's absolutely gorgeous, and what a sweet tribute to the ladies in your life!

  8. Such a gorgeous necklace and a wonderful tribute to your fabulous friends - very nice. I love how you showcased Jeannie's Gin blossom pendant. It really shines as the star. This is such a pretty design!

  9. Love the Cherry Blossom - You did a beautiful job! Love the colors!
    Beautiful post too!!

  10. Miss Kristen! You are so sweet to me! I always say that you never know how much you will touch another person's life. I guess that this is one of those cases. Thank you for your sweet phone message today, that is my 'something good'! And I think you need crack that shell open a bit wider. You have some mad skillz that are waiting to be seen by the world! Let them out, I say! I love this necklace. The blend of styles, materials and the pretty yellow color is something truly special.

    Enjoy the day, dear friend!

  11. Very pretty necklace. The use of the saffron chain in this piece really made it pop. Your beaded chain is really cool. Neat piece.

  12. Kristen - this is simply GORGEOUS!!! I love it. It seems a little bit out of your 'normal' style, but that just makes it that much more special. You rocked this challenge Kristen - well done!!!

  13. Nice work as always! I love seed beads and chain together. I think you have done an awesome job but then again I am getting used to all of your work being awesome so well done again!!


  14. Well Honey, I tip my hat right back at you. You're making me all weepy. This is such a provacative post about the women in your life. It's beautiful. You are one of the most sweetest people in my life too. This like this necklace. I want of close up of your fantastical beadwork and so perfect with Shannon's chain. My Cherry Blossom is a Happy Blossom.
    Love ya sweetpea and you for sharing this wonderful women in your life.

  15. Kristen dear, we love you and just adore seeing your creativity blossom. You have no idea how much sharing in your journey has meant. I treasure your friendship and I just love seeing the pieces coming from that artistic brain of yours~

  16. Kristen - you are such a shining star in this group, and this design is another example of why. I love how you pushed your comfort zone and incorporated some new techniques and styles into this piece. Keep pushing - it is so fun to see from this side of the screen. Beautiful job! :)

  17. Bead-tastic necklace Kristen! Love to read blogs with wonderful stories of generosity, love and encouragement. Hugs dahling.

  18. Girl, you know I just love you! Becoming friends with you has pulled me out of my comfort zone, cause just talking with you about designs has sparked that 'what if" in my head. Thank you for being such a great inspiration, and a sweet friend!
    What I like most about this necklace is the blending of beadweaving with the chain. And not just any chain! Miss Ficklemedia chain is what completes your beautiful design.

  19. Oh a big, big hug to you, Kristen. I will never forget your kindness when Mike was sick and your support with the soon to follow circumstances. You are a true kind spirit and I work to be more like you. Thank you for creating with the saffron chain, the necklace is stunning!


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