Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Official Review - Uniquelyjuls

Yep I got another one for you!  My friend Julie @ uniquelyjuls has made her first tutorial.  She makes beautiful bead embroidery but she wanted to hop on the beadweaving tutorial train.  She asked if I would test it for her and she was also sweet enough to send along a kit as I did not have all the materials I needed.  Here is my "Queen Anne's Lace"

Really she had me at the name.  I have always loved this adorable weed and many a time in my youth I could be found picking them and running home to get out the food coloring to watch them change color.  So I do think it was instant love.

I will tell you that when I test a pattern I tend to really get into all the aspects of it.  It goes beyond just reviewing it.  I read every word, make sure it matches the picture and that there aren't any typos.  I have to tell you Julie has created a very sweet and dainty piece.  You know we all need just a hint of jewelry sometimes and this is the one.  I enjoyed stitching it first because I am a big fan of RAW ( right angle weave ) and I do have a love of 15's.  Yes the chain is all in 15's but so utterly worth it.  Her stitch paths are easy to follow.  You have to pick this one for yourselves.  I actually have a plan to make a couple more maybe trying pearls (yes I love me some pearls) and different color ways.

I have a couple more reviews coming your way soon.  Now off to finish that awful housework!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Crazy woman! I think it would look great with pearls as well. I can't imagine stitching that entire necklace in 15s. You did a wonderful job on this necklace, and it looks like Julie is well on her way as a tutorial writer!

  2. Beautiful as always!!! I love the color way, and I bet this would look gorgeous with jeans, a bit of bling but perfect for every day too!! I hope Julie is able to make a ton of sales, it's a lovely piece!!

  3. Hi Kristen,
    This necklace is gorgeous, and I found that since I have been using a lot of 15's lately they don't seen that small. Your friend Julie will have no problem selling this one.

  4. Such an elegant design. While elaborate beadwork can be beautiful it's also nice to see something which could be worn daily.

  5. Hi,Kristen:-)
    Happy ,You've found my blog at last:-)
    Nice piece.Something very delicate and precious to admire.Classical and classy.For big parties and every day wearing.Wonderful stitch and colors.Reminds me those old and classic white gold pieces with sapphyre gemstones by Thompson,which I've always adored and have some of them too.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  6. It is a lovely necklace. I love the delicate chains made w 15's. Maybe it's time I try one.

  7. I love this necklace, Kristen! The color is beautiful. It's really a great pattern. Congratulations to your friend!


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