Sunday, November 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club - November

Only one more month left in this years design team and I have to say I am getting very melancholy about it.  I have loved working with Jeannie and her amazing beads as well as being teamed up with so many amazing designers.  We have formed friendships that I hope will last and I have been challenged to think outside what I had considered outside my creative range.  This month is no exception.  I had been eyeing these beads for some time now and I have to tell you once again I am not disappointed at all.
Here is what Jeannie sent me this month....
Isn't it cute!!  Check them all out here
I had a few ideas or at least I thought I did when I first received it but then when I lost it I lost the ideas.  After finding it I kept it close but with all that is going on here as of late it had totally affected my creative flow.  I needed to look back at patterns and what my friends have been creating to find the spark.  Well thanks to Marla of Spice Box Designs for the initial spark and then again I referred back to Sonoko's book Japanese Beadwork.
Here is my Glacial Ice necklace
Isn't it cool that it is also reversible!  Thank you once again Jeannie for letting me be a part of this club and working with your amazing creations but most of all your friendship!
See what everyone else has created!!!  I am sorry that this post is a bit late today and that I will not be able to look at everyone elses til tomorrow as we are leaving for the day.  See you all soon!
Charlie Jacka
Cindy Cima Edwards


  1. As always, I LOVE what you created Kristen! You have a true talent when it comes to showcasing art beads!

  2. How fun! All the movement and the little dangles along your necklace remind me of snow flurries! :) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  3. Kristen, this is such a charming piece: dancing in the air happily like little snow flakes! Perfect for this time of the year too :)

  4. Love your necklace Kristen - Love the colors!

  5. Your necklace is beautiful. Love the way the beads look like icicles. Great job.

  6. Love the necklace chain. It's gorgeous. I love the striking difference btwn the white and teal. Beautiful work!

  7. Oh wow! These beads look so beautiful together! Wonderful job!

  8. haven't ever tried doing bead weaving like this, I don't know if I have the patience to learn! Nice colors, this reminds me of a snowy winter.

  9. Oh come on Kristen, you're killing me. When I saw the first picture of the necklace, I thought, oh my it looks like old victorian lace with beads. Then I read Glacial Ice, yes, yes, it looks like little ice crystals. If I was a bead I would want to be your bead.
    Thank you so much for joining my on this journey this year Kristen. Your friendship is very dear to me. I'm looking forward to having you in the club for 2013.

  10. Beautiful! And, that it's reversible is super cool! I love the colors and the design is heavenly. I just cannot imagine all the time it takes to create w/those tiny little seed beads - oh my goodness!! What a very lovely necklace for sure!

  11. other gorgeous piece! love the beaded beads. I did those same ones for the beadwork challenge. I love the look of them. I especially love the beadwork you did around them. Your work is always so amazing!


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