Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthday Surprise Challenge oh so late,Tipsy and full of regret!

First and most importantly Happy Birthday to my sweet, wonderful and kind friend Therese of Therese's Treasures!
Who's friendship I cherish will all my heart and have dissappointed.  Two months ago she so sweetly included me in her birthday give away which she sent beaders she has met each a gorgeous Golem Studio cab and set of beads.  We have not yet met in person but she has been so supportive and given me a smile on many occasions through emails and most recently our phone conversations.  Here is what she sent us all...
Anyway I had a ton of reveals so it waited and waited and waited.  I looked at it and came up with ideas and started.....and frogged.....and started......and frogged.  I thought I had the best one yet and set to getting it done.   Well you all know sometimes I have little things go wrong but this time I threw my back out two days ago and have been unable to bead or sit upright. I also kept attempting a chain to really rock out my pendant but to no avail.  (OH and BTW the only reason I am able to write this post is the 2 beers I had while cooking dinner have kicked in and right now I have no pain.)
I have seen all the beautiful creations each of the others have made and frankly right now I am left feeling very inferior and wondering if I have reached my peek of stitching and this craft has totally chosen the wrong person.  I am not looking for sympathy or anything just saying what I would probably not say any other time.  (ie tipsy)  So my friends I have no pictures of fabulishousness to show you and no idea where I am going but I totally want you all to show these ladies the love you show me and check out the beauty they created from friendship.  I respect each one of them and frankly the friendships that have formed and will form are very important to me.
Thank you Therese for including me in this fabulous group and I hope your birthday was awesome!
Hugs and Blessings
I totally think I need to go back and lay down now! LOL


  1. Hi Kristen, first let me say I am glad the beer took away the pain for a little while, but it has also got you thinking in the wrong direction about your beading skills. I don't know if you have ever watched Airplane or not, but there is a scene where there is a hysterical woman on the plane and someone slaps her back into reality, well consider yourself slapped woman! Quit talking nonsense your beading skills are awesome I just wish you would see what we all see. Now quit doubting yourself and when you are able to post the pictures of your cab please do, because I am soooo wanting to see it. I just know it is going to be gorgeous! Thank you for playing along in this challenge and thank you for all the kind words I feel that same way about you.
    Much love,
    PS. You know I would never literally slap you right?

  2. Kristen,
    Please don't ever think you chose the wrong art. Your work is gorgeous and has a romance about it. The nice thing about all of us is that we support each other no matter if the project gets done by deadline or not. And an injury is certainly a reason to not get it done. That is life, this is just beads. They are supposed to bring happiness, so please don't stress about it. I hope the beer helped :-D And I hope you are feeling better real soon!

  3. You'll find the right thing to do. Sometimes you just have to let things sit awhile and have your brain percolate on the perfect project

  4. I'm so sorry the devil has a hold of you right now, my friend. Cause you and I both know how talented you are. Much hugs!

  5. Kristen, don't worry about hitting your peak or a plateau. Every time I create something, there's a little part in the back of my brain that worries and tells me that I'll never be able to do something like that again. Ignore it. You'll keep beading, you'll keep growing, you'll keep exploring... Just stay open to new experiences, fill your soul with what inspires you, and move on!

  6. First of all, can I just say that Therese telling you to consider yourself slapped is why I love that woman so much! Because she's right: your work is amazing -- don't ever doubt that. Some designs come together easier than others. Sometimes deadlines are missed. It's all a part of what we do. And as the title of your blog states, it's a bead journey ... not a destination. You'll find your way back to the beads and the cab and a design idea will ignite ... and it will all work out beautifully in the end. =)

  7. Hugs Kristen!

    I'm just now starting to catch up on my blog reading this month and feeling a little frantic because I feel like I've missed several dinner dates with my best friends.

    I know how easy it can be to get into a downward slump when you sort of question everything. At about that point, I start asking my husband if I'm a 'fraud'.

    So I'll tell you what he tells me - you are NOT a fraud and you are VERY, let me repeat that, VERY, talented. And of course you have more room for growth! Where would the fun be otherwise?

    And of course, you already know all that, but sometimes it's awfully nice to hear others say it. Hugs to you!

    Take care of yourself. I hope your back starts feeling better soon.


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