Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Edited for your enjoyment...Echo Creative Club and the Frantic Search!

****So I actually wrote this yesterday and scheduled it to post .......or so I thought.  Just before I went to school to volunteer I wondered why I had no comments yet so I checked.    Yeah I scheduled it for December 13th.  Note to self double check the calendar when scheduling!****
 Last month as most of you know I had a lot and I mean a lot of reveals! One of which you haven't seen if you are not on FB.  As I was putting my schedule for this month together I set my November and December beads from Jeannie aside to insure I pick one and get it photographed.  In a safe place right?  We all say that!  Why is it when we say that and put said thing in that said safe place that is precisely the said thing we lose?  I have been frantically searching all week to find it to no avail.  Oh no!!!  I can't lose these I love all my beads and to think one is lost and lonely is total torture!!!
Well now that you have all begun to have that sinking feeling and are thinking of what possible tragedy may have befallen them.....I did find them and you will see with this picture that my November bead is safe and will remain safely under my pillow from now til I decide what treasured part it will play in my next creation.
I have to also apologize to you all because I am not that much into me as of late so my blog has suffered.  I think I am finally out of the slump which is good because I have been getting tired of myself.  So I want to show you all that I revealed this month and a sneak peek of what I have for you on Thursday ( yes it still looks like this so I hope something comes to me)
Thursdays Reveal
What I revealed last month

Mis Matched Earring Hop

 Echo Creative Club - October
Art Jewelry Elements Component of the month
Suburban Girl Studio Design Team
Kalmbach Bead soup
Beadstalker Challenge
Hugs and Blessings
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  1. Oh my gosh !! You've got yourself a full time job over there !!
    Its awesome, and I love all of it!
    Great job, Kristen !! <3

  2. Never put things in a "safe place"! Your brain will translate "safe place" to "I don't have to worry or think about it" and will promptly set all knowledge of said place aside. Safe places are NOT safe!

  3. Hi Kristen,
    Good thing you found your safe place. Now put a sign on the place saying SAFE PLACE! Hehe Oh and the Birthday Surprise reveal is Friday so you have one more day to work on your piece. You already know what I think of all your beautiful work, but I will say it again it is gorgeous!
    Much Love and Hugs,

  4. I love the pendant! I'm sure you'll make something beautiful! Don't sweat it!


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