Thursday, July 3, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal - Linda For Real this time!

I sincerely apologize my post is so late.  No real good excuses other than I have been sick all this week and my daughter and hubs came down with it yesterday.  

Linda, our lovely host for this month provided us will an amazing choice.  Frankly I had the hardest time choosing.  

You can see why cant you?  Since I love sunflowers so much I went with the cute little layered sunflower.

I actually had 3 plans fall apart as I went to create this.  And as you will see it is currently unfinished because of the sickness that has befallen our house.  (PUKE BUG SUCKS) but I am extremely happy with the way this is working out.

And hey did you see it will be asymmetrical!  I know I am not one to do this.  I will do a more complete post about this when I am finished because I did learn a lot!

Please go see what everyone else choose and stop back to see me later!

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Hugs from a distance!


  1. Oh, this is going to be so sweet!!! I love sunflowers!

  2. I love it, your bead flowers are amazing! Hope you're feeling better now! x

  3. Hi Kristen,
    I love what you have going so far it is beautiful! I hope y'all get to feeling better soon it really sucks to be sick.

  4. Hey Kristen,
    First let me say I hope you all start feeling well soon. I do not like when the house gets sick over here.. It means everyone is gonna get it and that includes me. lol I love the sunflowers.( my kitchen theme) I hope we can see a pic of when it is finished :)

  5. Ohh, lovely! I love those beautiful spring/summer colors that just pop! The asymmetrical is gorgeous.

  6. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather and that your family has also caught the bad bug. Hope it passes quickly.
    I love the necklace and adore that you've done an asymmetrical design, it goes perfectly with the sweet, summery sunflower theme. Relaxed, spontaneous and carefree as a summer breeze. Lovely. :)

  7. The internet just ate my comment! :( Sooo let's try again!
    I love the necklace you are making! Its so happy looking. I love sunflowers, (well really ALL flowers) too. I first saw your sweet beaded flowers on FB, but at the time I had no idea you were making them for the CoM piece. I told you then that they were beautiful. I can hardly wait to see this when it is completed. Its gonna be awesome!
    I'm sorry you and your family are sick. Puck-sick is wretched. Sending you wishes for good health to return to your home soon!!!!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Brilliant! Look at your little beaded sunflowers! I see where your design is going, love your gentle asymmetry. Even though it's obviously a lot of work, it's a clean, uncluttered design. I'd wear it! Can't wait to see it finished.

  9. This is so lovely Kristen - love the offset daisies and the asymmetry work beautifully.

  10. Love, love, love this piece Kristen!!!! So happy, and sunshiney! Have a beautiful week!

  11. I thought all these components were 'right up your alley'!! I love this piece. Love the braiding, love the way you emulated the flower with the beaded components (are those super-duos?), and I love the asymmetry! All around gorgeous. Hope you are well and enjoyed a happy anniversary with your hubs yesterday!! xoxoxo


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