Thursday, July 31, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal - Francesca

I may be babbling a bit but hey it is my blog!  Ha Ha

So Francesca supplied us with these amazing glass cabochons.

We could have them drilled or not.  I choose drilled.  But as usual I forgot to take pictures when I received it.

A little funny story about mine is that a few days before I received it my muse had taken a vacation and I was looking for inspiration and Derek came down the stairs and pulled out these two bags of beads.  He knows how much I love orange.

Then Francesca's pendant arrived.  It was perfect!

So I set to thinking up how I wanted to design the necklace.  I wanted to mimic the triangle shape.  Beads on the tray and needle threaded I set to play.  Well guess what?  I love the design so much that
I knew it would be perfect as a bracelet.  Yep I got side tracked.  But thanks to Francesca I actually took the time to write a tutorial.

As as you know if I get sidetracked I did not get my pieced finished even though I had made sure to set time yesterday to finish it but then yep you guessed it DRAMA killed it.  Here is what I have completed so far and my intention is to finish it today!  I love it!

Please make sure you hop along to see what everyone else designed.

Guest Designers

Carol Briody -

The AJE Team

Caroline Dewison -

Susan Kennedy -

Melissa Meman -

Jenny Davies-Reazor -

Francesca Watson  -



  1. Kristen, as usual your beading is exquisite. I love the colors of beads you used and that bracelet design is so pretty!!

  2. Love the pop of orange with the blue. Really enhances the cab with the beaded bead look. Great!

  3. I always love your bead work, and this piece is really coming together nicely. Stunning!

  4. How "western" looking. I could see it being worn in the "old west" with the "cowgirls" and their rawhide skirts and it. The orange really makes it pop! Excellent job!

  5. Hi Christine I always admire your beautiful seed bead work. This piece is no exception. The colors you chose accent the cabochon perfectly. The fact that you took the time to produce a tutorial is great.

  6. I like the blue seed beads with the top of the cab. Then the glass changes color as if it was dipped... Looking good!

  7. Beautiful! I love how you just come up with ideas and then make them! You have awesome skills! x

  8. Don't you just love how things work out sometimes? The choice of colors is perfect for the cab! The design is spicy, a perfect combo with the gorgeous cab!

  9. Oh my gosh, those beads are really perfect! And how awesome that this encouraged you to write that tutorial - I love that! Thank you this beautiful bracelet!

  10. LOVE it Kristen! I love your new design and those colors really make Francesca's cab show off!!!!

  11. Kristen, the bracelet is gorgeous. How serendipitous that the 2 bags of seed beads that Derek chose were spot on perfect in color with your pendant.


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