Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Echo Creative Club - August Spotlight and Reveal!

***  I have to tell you that this post was actually written in August in time for the Reveal but since my computer has been out of commission and all the information was on it, it did not get posted until today.  Smartphones are only great if you know have all the information you need to use it!  LOL***

Welcome to the Echo Creative Club Artist spotlight.  I miss doing a monthly challenge for Jeannie so much so when she asked me to fill in I was more than delighted!

This time I got to pick and of course any of you who followed my journey with Jeannie know I LOVE her Gin Blossoms.

In fact I am kind of addicted.

This is the one I got to play with this time.

I have a love of black and white so you know I was totally thrilled to get it.  I let it sit for a while to tell me how it wanted to be embellished.  Then there it was!  A beautiful pattern by ELLAD2

If you have pinch and O beads you HAVE to make this one!  I love the way it lays and feels and with my chosen colors it is perfection.  I love working on Ella's patterns too because they come with clear instructions and pictures to match!  This girl has skills!

Here is my finished piece Night Blossom and it is truly one of my favorites!!!

If you get the opportunity to play with one of Jeannie's amazing beads let me know! 



  1. I so miss doing the monthly challenges Jeannie organized. Beautiful pieces you did for the challenges!

  2. Kristen the beads and the pattern you chose to use with Jeannie's lovely focal bead are perfect. Your finished piece looks mysteriously exotic and stunningly beautiful.


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