Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple Pairings and the Cutest Little Man

This is a pattern I found on line at I thought it worked perfectly with this shirt. I am starting to wonder though if I can really say that I am good at this or if I am just a good pattern reader.

This one is from a kit I saw on line but economic times being what they are I tried to figure it out my self with beads I had on hand.
While I attempted to take pictures of jewelry I heard "take my picture" so of course I had to!

Isn't he adorable!


  1. You did really well with both! The top one was also in Beadwork, and called Wiggle Room...look in my blog for how you can carry the pattern further, and get a more elegant one from that same pattern. Thank you for coming by my blog!

  2. Gypsy
    thanks Soooooo much you are my first commenter. I will be looking in a minute to see your version!


    Here is that link! :-) Aryd'ell

  4. I really like the wavy bracelet at the top! It looks great with the shirt!

    Happy Beading!


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