Friday, May 7, 2010

OMG! How lucky am I?
Karyn White from Releases by Rufydoof, one of the winners in the Use the Muse contest (check out her necklace I just love seahorses!) is a follower of my blog! That makes 2 amazing artists so far! Any one who reads this should check out both their blogs and the muse the art work is amazing!
I actually did attempt to enter but there was a shipping problem so I bailed. I am sort of glad I did because as you can see from my pics I am not yet up to that challange!

Family Notes
Prom is tommorrow and a friend of mine is going to do Shelby's hair. I am going to press the dress today. I can't believe my baby girl is going to the prom! Wish me luck to hold back the tears until she leaves.


  1. But the really important question she wearing your creations to the prom??!! LOL!
    I see earrings in your future...Gypsy Aryd'ell

  2. No not this time. My BF bought her the set to wear when we picked out the dress. She steals my other creations on a regular basis though. LOL


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