Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lessons Learned

This is my version (or whats left of it)of satin spirals from the April/May issue of Beadwork Magazine. My daughter loves the bracelet and while wearing it yesterday it broke. It is all my fault not hers! First I read the pattern too fast and purchased crystal bicones instead of fire-polished rounds. It makes a pretty version but the second lesson is that crystals cut nylon thread! I am hoping that when I remake it I will have purchased the correct thread and prevent her from feeling bad again. Sorry Shelby!

I thought I would also show the other 2 bracelets she has claimed (she does that all the time ) while I was making them.

Always Believe

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  1. You will find that many things, including just wear over time, cut nylon beading thread, especially Nymo...if I am making for one of my daughters, I bite the bullet and use Fireline 6#. I do like the new Miyuki thread, tho, and it is being tested by my youngest right now- she is really hard on jewelry!


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