Monday, May 10, 2010

FireLine Lesson

I did get to go to Dick's and get my fireline and I love working with it! Here is a pic of the box it came in and the reason I am showing it is because My sweet Hubby and I learned something while debating what fireline makes and what they don't. You have seen and read on patterns calling for certain pound test and diameter as well as color. In the little corner of the box we discovered a neat little info box. You can get the diameter you need but it can be stronger. I am not sure how to highlight that part of the pic but if you look at the large 14lb on the sticker you will see in small print that it is 6lb test diameter. This is an awesome thing for me because I do tend to have a tight tension so it has strength of 14lb test but diameter of 6lb test. Is this useful to anyone (or is this a known secret I stumbled upon)?

Always Believe


  1. That is a fabulous discovery. I'll have to look at mine and see. I've used 14 before, but it was thicker, I didn't know there was a difference. I use the 8 most often and know I'll be more careful when looking at the box.

  2. I am so glad this helped you! My hubby and I were surprised too he has fished for years and he thought he know all about fishing line! How its beading braid I tell him :)

  3. This is very useful information and I did not know this. Thanks for the enlightenment. :)


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