Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mom's day to all of my 4 followers (and anyone else who joins) Thats right I said 4 followers I can't believe it!
First I would like to thank Aryd'ell (what an awesome name and person) at Gypsy Ramblings for following and for all the comments (lol) she offered great inspiration to me! Second I would like to thank Morwin at Another Country Beadworks for joining in she has great eye candy on her site too!

Ok so wait for it.....

This is my Shelby at Prom. I have no words.


I may have learned to take a better picture of my pairings! Let me know if you like it. This is a pattern I downloaded from and I really do like this bangle. Now I going to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy fireline because 2 more bracelets broke this weekend.

Oh, Oh, Oh I forgot the best gifts I got this year. First Shelby is making me a copper wire bracelet in Art and Derek planted flowers in an old shoe in pre-school, then they all (my sweet hubby included) gave me a certificate for a bead class and kit! My first offical lesson!

Always Believe


  1. Kristen, a warm welcome to blog land! :-) I'm so pleased to see that you now have a place to show all of your beautiful creations. You're doing great! Enjoy the journey :-)

    All the best,

    P.S. Shelby looks incredible...lady in red!

  2. thanks so much Belinda The welcome from everyone has been a little overwhelming but I love it!

    PS She does, she grew up too fast!


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