Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank you to my 2 new followers

First I would like to thank Nicole at Beadwright. She is going through such a hard time with her brother being ill but she took a moment to follow me before she left to go to him. Please send her cyber hugs when you get a chance!

I would also like to thank Annaat A Beaders Blog she has given me great comments on my pairings and camping as well as makes some beautiful bracelets (which she doesn't charge enough for and I still can't buy them :( ) but some day maybe she will write a turorial so I can attempt to make one too!

All of my followers are so sweet to have signed up! Your the best! If you are new to my blog please visit them as well they are all an inspiration to me!

Well time to take a shower and get to finishing my planting! Hopefully I will have pics of the garden for you all on Monday!

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