Friday, June 4, 2010

What is creative?

One of the ladies that does like my jewelry (there only a few around here :( ) said that I am very creative and artistic.  I said no I just follow patterns well.  Sometimes I do tend to add a personal touch (more likely try to cover an oops) but generally it is someone else's pattern.  I look at Juls beads, Nicole's gourds, Belinda's creations, Morwin's bracelets, Charlene's beads and so many others and think "Now that's creativity and art!" where do I get off thinking I'm creative, ok maybe I can take creative because it is making something but artistic, not a chance.  Now this leads to a question.  I do have a gift for abstract reasoning (sometimes I can see how something is made or put together) and with this web thing and all this pictures of amazing jewelry I have seen some that I could attempt to make without buying the instructions but.... that is stealing right?  I mean I do not sell my pieces but still you all put so much into your designs who am I to not pay you for that?  So I just wait and make an incredibly long wish list and won't attempt anything that I haven't legitimately paid for.  I will tell you though my brain can handle only so many things floating around in it before it will blow!  Either you all need to take a brake from making new things or I need to win the lottery (I should probably play if I hope to win)

Anyway here are some pics of other things I have worked on and my seasonal change!

Always Believe


  1. Kristen, I'll tell you a little story. I started working with beads in 1999~ mostly stringing and easy seed beady things like daisychains and the like. AND THEN I stumbled across Lidija Fairbanks' amazing freeform necklaces. Girrrrl, you wanna talk starstruck? I had to learn those stitches so I could make THAT EXACT NECKLACE RIGHT NOW.

    I went to and sat in front of the computer and her peyote tutorials for 3 days without food or sleep save the brief catnaps when I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore. At the end of 3 days, I had made my first peyote freeform necklace. It looked absolutely nothing like Lidija's and was the obvious work of a total newbie, but I was thrilled. I'll have to dig that necklace out one of these days and share it with y'all. Anyway, that was many many many MANY hours ago, years spent honing my ability and personal style. A personal style is that vastly different from those early days...but without those early days I wouldn't have the skillset I do now.

    My personal opinion? GO FOR IT. It wouldn't hurt to touch base with someone who's work you are inspired to imitate until you find your own voice to see how they feel about it. It's a big world with room enough for everyone to play. If I can help or answer questions regarding anything I've done, I'm more than happy to do so.

    We all have to start somewhere. <3

  2. PS~ Wonderful seasonal decoration! :)

  3. Juls you are amazing not only can you capture the way I feel you offer the best insight and complements I am sooooo glad I found you! Luv you Girl!!!!!!

  4. Hey kiddo let me give you some "artistic" advice. You have talent, your have creative spirit, and you have the will to be artistic. I have been affiliated with the International copyright for a few years now and the heated opinions of people tend to loose what the art is all about. You are right it is not only dishonorable but illegal to copy a piece of art and then sell it. Simple as that. However, the stitch is not copyrighted. The stitch has been around a lot longer than any of us and has actually been passed down. So learn the techniques, learn the stitches and then make your own pieces. How to do that???? Take beading classes, practice the stitches from magazines and books, and yes use your gift to take things apart in your mind and put them together again. I have been teaching beading since 1986. I do teach technique classes so when my students leave they know all there is to know about a certain stitch so they can go home and create. Don't wait! You will find that by doing you will come up with your own style, your own signature. It will make you and others happy!!!!
    Just do it and if you need some help email me.

  5. How did I get so lucky? You are so sweet! Thank you so much for the encouragement and support! You are also right about classes (I just wish you were closer) Wait how about coming to Rochester NY? I have learned alot so far and will take more classes as they strike me (and funds allow of course) Lots of love to you!


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