Monday, July 19, 2010

A little something I whipped up

OK so you know that I am a "T-shirt/Jeans" kinda girl so here is another Nancy Cain 'Coco Chenille' bracelet made with memory wire instead of sterling silver (not quite as expensive)  I did use magatamas instead of the larger drops, and I reduced the netting to make a smaller diameter (didn't have enough of the 8/0's to make it as beefy as the Chardonnay bracelet) and I used old glass beads I had to finish it off.  I do think this paired up quite well and is fun to wear!

Now I have a thing to say about "BEDing".  While I do love to read all your fabulous blogs and am grateful when you post on a regular basis, I also realize that it can be difficult to manage life outside of blogging if it gets hectic.  So if you are one of my favorite bloggers know that I will be more than happy to wait for you to post when you can!  Besides I can't do it, if I did you would have posts that sound like this.....

Things that make you go HUMM

While watching TV last night a commercial came on about the new automatic soap dispenser.  It said that your soap dispenser can be packed with germs so you need a new automatic one so you don't have to touch the dispenser but....... if you dispense the soap and then wash your hands why would you care if there were germs on the dispenser?

See what I mean.  It might be better if I didn't blog every day.  What do you think?

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  1. Love it! When your all finished, do feel free to come over and start on my wardrobe!

  2. thanks for the sweet compliments. You really should try the bead embroidery. There are some really amazing artists on here that are part of the "bead journal" project that Robin Atkins started. Some of there work just leaves me speachless, but it is very inspirational.

    You have amazing skill as shown in all your work, the hardest part of the bead embroidery is to just let go and try it. Technically it is much easier then what your doing now. If you feel you can't work without a pattern go outside and find some wonderful patterns or texture in nature and mimick those.

    I really do think you would be amazing at it. The hardest part for me was just jumping in and trying it. After that it was easy :)

  3. The bracelet is pretty amazing, love the colors and from a distance it does have a soft chenille like look to it.
    Sometimes I think we bloggers try too hard to always be out there...authors don't write a book a day and yes, quality is definitely better than quantity. :)

  4. Yeah I think quality is better that quantity too! Thanks for the sweet compliments! Shelby wants me to make more of these in wine colors. I do like the idea but....I have so many others that I want to make.

  5. I like this bracelet! It's so cool and blue. I agree with you about the germy soap dispenser. Why would you touch it after you'd washed your hands? Unless to refill it, but then you'd likely use it to make sure the soap is coming out and wash your hands anyway...

  6. Bracelet is fabulous! And I love,love,love blue color!:)

  7. I know you love the color Olga! I was thinking of you and what you would think while I was making it! Thanks again for visiting! You are so sweet!


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