Monday, August 16, 2010

Bead Therapy and a Guest Blogger

Thanks so much my sweet blogger friends for listening to my last "pity me" post!  I had one of those days and needed to get it out and you were so there for me!  Thank you can't even cover it!

OK on to better things now that I have realized that I am who I am and my cat likes me that way!  (Oh and so do you!)  I went to our local festival "Corn Fest" (betcha can't guess what it celebrates)  and saw this awesome jewelry artist with a sweet personality to boot so I told her I would give her site a shout out!  JCPDesigns!   There is so much she offers and she even forges her own metals!  If you get the opportunity please check her out!  Thanks Jamie I really needed our talk!  I was going to get pictures but I the stupid cell was low and that didn't happen!

On Sunday my sweet hubby dropped Shelby and I off to the "Innovative Bead Expo" (which is so awesome because he had told me I was banned from buying beads for 2 months!)  So with a little money in my pocket and a fun girl to shop with we basked in beady goodness.  The cell phone was charged and I took some pictures but they didn't show up very well so I will link you to my two fav's.  My first favorite was Kabela Designs!  With my love of mixing seeds and metals I was truly in heaven!  Here is what I got!
I so love these and can't wait for my next inspiration to strike!  (they stay on the bead tray until I put them in a design....I just love looking at them)  The quality of all the pieces was outstanding and the ideas from the Rep were amazing!  I am so terribly sorry for misplacing her card and forgetting her name (old age ya know)  I am so a new fan!  Check them out!

Next I went to a trusted booth Talisman Associates Inc.!  Not only do they have vintage beads and semi precious stones they have lampwork and funky stuff (which our guest blogger will tell you about later) They have the sweetest owner! Look at what I found!

I needed the vintage seeds and you know I have a love of lentils!  These are so sunshine yellow but not too bright I can't wait to see what I do with these!  Do visit there shop if you have time!

And last for me are these gorgeous fire polished rounds (which I have already used half of any you should be seeing in a few days if the inspiration works out) I was unable to get the name of this booth as there was no sign or card for me to grab (sorry anonymous booth)

OK that's it for me right now and if you don't mind Shelby would like to talk about her beady goodness so I thought it would be ok if you got to know her a little!

Introducing my Guest Blogger ........ Shelby

Helluuuuuuu All! I guess it is pretty obvious who I am (my mother likes to talk about  me a lot I guess) so I am going to skip the introduction. xD So this is my collection of beads, stones, spoons, and whatnot that I have gathered up for my various projects. The spoons that I found at the local flea market are going to be bent and tortured (muahahaha) into rings when I can get access to my teacher's studio without him looking over my shoulders and critiquing (grrrrrrr.) That little oval looking thing is actually the innards of a pocket watch, which I am going to someday find a use for eventually. The greenish and gray ball thingy is a bead made by me from polymer clay (and it glows in the dark!) and are modeled after a Japanese food called Dango (rice dumplings served on a skewer during festivals.) At the Bead Expo, I bought the brightly colored and I think adorable skull beads and flower beads, which I intend to use for some chainmail (like the actual medieval armor only in preeetttyyyyyy jewelry form incaseyoudidn'tknow) bracelets. The other stuff is mostly random and cheep purchases at many other local areas. Though, I may not actually get to any of the crafts for a while because a Fan Fiction idea has been haunting me for a a couple days AND IT WON'T LET GO!! (not that I mind...hehe)

Oh and to Juls, not only are you a great friend to my mother but you are an AMAZING ARTIST ZOMG! I love your work and your blog! Oh and you would totally give everyone at the bead expo a run for their money and then some! <3 <3 <3

Thanks mom for letting me invade your blog! I will getoffit now. <3 <3 <3

Well what do you think is she like me or what?



  1. Lots of great stuff! I got those same flowers from Kabela at the Pasadena show a couple of weeks ago. I missed seeing that seahorse, though. He's cool!

  2. Awww, you guys are just too cute! ^_^ Shelby, I think you need to be a guest blogger here more often! Have you caught the beading bug from your talented mumma yet? ;-) hehe Loved seeing your bead stashes...and can't wait to see what you do with them! B. -xo-

  3. AWW~ Thanks, Shelby! I'm loving your stash and can't wait to see what you make with it.

    Same goes for you, Kristen~ nice haul!

    Much loveness~

  4. How awesome! I can't wait to go beading with my girl!

    I love your finds and I am looking forward to the posts that you will share once you have put them to good use.

  5. Yikes, bead expos can be dangerous to the bank account. What a wonderful hubby you have that would actually drop you off at the expo. Mine would have ranted and raved for hours about how I spend too much money on beads and the last thing I needed were more of them. LOL

    I do love the wonderful finds you came home with, especially the metal findings...they're to die for. :)

  6. Thanks sweet ladies and yes my sweet hubby is a keeper!


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